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    Scope of computer science in the upcoming years?

    hello sir/mam
    what is the scope of cs in 2017.

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    vikash kumar prajapati
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    Re: Scope of computer science in the upcoming years?

    Basically in today's age all works are performed with the help of Technology that is all works as being processed by the computer.there are several benefits of it :-
    ~Less Effort and Improve in Accuracy.
    ~Non Redundancy.
    ~Saves times.
    ~Saves storage area with minimum cost.
    ~Results on demand and exactness.

    Thus if you will do degree/Engineering courses you will have great scope of jobs in various fields in coming years.There is also high demand in government sectors for Information Technology officers/Computer Professionals.You will able to work as :-
    ~Data Administrator in Large corporate Organizations.
    ~Data Retriever and Manager by taking specialization in Oracle.
    ~You will able to work as Software developer in Software Industry.
    ~You will able to work as Neural Network/Artificial Robot Developer such as in ISRO/DRDO.
    ~You will able to work as a Specialist Officer in banking Industry.
    ~You will able to work as a Cyber Crime detective officer in Crime Investigation departments.
    ~You will able to work as a Detective in Forensic Science Lab.

    There are various professional courses in computer science/Information which you can do for getting these jobs.Some of these are :-
    ~MCA(Master of computer Application).
    ~M.sc(IT) - Master of science in Information Technology.
    ~B.Tech/B.E in Computer Science/Information.
    ~M.Tech in Computer Science/Information Technology.
    ~MBA in Information Technology.
    ~M.sc in Advanced Computational Mathematics.
    ~M.sc in Networking.
    ~M.sc in Computer Management.

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    Siva mechanical
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    Re: Scope of computer science in the upcoming years?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    hello sir/mam
    what is the scope of cs in 2017.
    Hello friend,

    *) You can ask this question when you are typing in your computer itself dude.

    ***) Because, Today the world is fully dependent on computer, computer and computer only.

    *) So, why The computer engineer cannot have scope in future???

    **) Surely, computer science will develop their new ideas in future.

    *) So, Don't worry. You chose the right way and go ahead.

    All the best for your future. bye.

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    Re: Scope of computer science in the upcoming years?

    Hi aspirant

    Computer Science is one of the rapidly blooming fields in India which have growth opportunities for talented people. It specifically deals with the software engineering division of computer engineering.

    It is the application of knowledge of science and mathematics for the development and design of any programming applications that are implemented in every industry. This field gives lots of job opportunities to the people who have good knowledge of computing and has the knowledge to apply the principles in the right direction.

    Courses Available for pursuing under graduation and post graduation in engineering field are:

    - B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
    - B.E. Computer Technology
    - B.Sc. Software Engineering
    - B.Tech. Computer Science and Information Technology
    - B.Tech. Computer Software Engineering
    - M.E./M.Tech in Software Engineering
    - M.E./M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
    - M.E. Systems Engineering and Operations Research
    - M.Tech. Computer and Communication Engineering

    Some of the well known Indian computer science engineers recruiters are:

    -Ancent Software International Ltd.
    -AOL Online
    -Blue Star Infotech Ltd.
    -Datanet Systems Ltd
    -Google, etca

    Due to giant uprising growth in telecommunication sector computer engineers are in high demand . India is rapidly growing in this domain and this domain is having one of the highest salary offers from the companies.

    There is a expectation of more growth in this field as the business and people taking up this subject is increasing rapidly. India is coming out to be a growing IT sector which is having main IT-hubs in Bangalore and Hyderabad.


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    Re: Scope of computer science in the upcoming years?


    now technology is very fast and become made our work more easier to save time.now only we are totally dependent on technology.you only think is it easy to avoid technology once get addicted to it??

    so its short clear that technology depends on computer..

    you do not need to worry,computer in olden days also we had used but at that time we are not that much familiar with the computer.

    as now,if you see even in schools also techno school has started.

    so computer will have a boon till the technology demands../till we are dependent on technology

    need not to think..

    "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible."

    good luck

    thank you

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