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    Scope of Agricultural Science in future?

    Scope of Agricultural Science in future?
    thank you.

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    Re: Scope of Agricultural Science in future?

    Dear friend,

    scope of agricultural science is quite good.

    Career B.Sc Agriculture
    • Jobs can be got by students of B.Sc agriculture with firms of the private or public sectors.
    • With public sector firms, one can get employed as Agricultural Research Scientist (ARS).
    • But to get employed into this position, it will be needed for applicants to write an admission test.
    • Job opportunities are also available for applicants as teachers. T
    • hey can write the ARS-NET exam and get employed with colleges as lecturers.
    • Jobs are also available for aspirants as Agriculture Development Officers (ADO) or as Block Development Officers.
    • A few other areas where employment is offered to students of B.Sc horticulture encompass banks, Dairy consultanci
    es, insurance companies and the animal industry.

    Higher Studies after B.Sc Agriculture

    Once aspirants complete their graduate level program in agriculture, they can go for the M.Sc program in the same field.
    There are many specializations available for a person to choose from. A few specializations that are offered are:
    • M.Sc in Agri Botany
    • M.Sc in Agri Bio-Technology
    • M.Sc in Agri Chemistry
    • M.Sc in Agri Economics
    • M.Sc in Agri Extension
    • M.Sc in Agri Engineering
    • M.Sc in Agri Statistics
    • M.Sc in Agri Zoology
    • M.Sc in Agri Entomology
    • M.Sc in Agronomy
    • M.Sc in Extension Education
    • M.Sc in Forestry
    • M.Sc in Social Forestry
    • M.Sc in Farming System Management
    • M.Sc in Horticulture Mycology
    • M.Sc in Micro Biology
    • M.Sc in Nematology (Crop Production)
    • M.Sc in Plant Physiology
    • M.Sc in Plant Ecology
    • M.Sc in Plant Pathology
    • M.Sc in Seed Technology
    • M.Sc in Soil Science
    • M.Sc in Soil Conservation
    • M.Sc in Sericulture
    • M.Sc in Tea Husbandry and Technology

    Good luck.

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    Re: Scope of Agricultural Science in future?

    Scope after M.Sc Agristatistics

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    Re: Scope of Agricultural Science in future?

    HI friend,

    Well,As we all know that Agriculture is thee backbone of our country so, there are many scopes in this filed, Government Provides many jobs in this field.

    Scope of agricultural sciences and engineering :

    >> Soil Scientist

    >> Agronomist

    >> EIA

    >> Irrigation management

    >> Canal Management

    >> Poultry

    >> Humidity research lab

    >> Indian Meteorological Department

    Hope it helps!!

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    Re: Scope of Agricultural Science in future?

    after the i take degree of honours in agriculture science where i can go.

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    Re: Scope of Agricultural Science in future?

    If I read Bsc agri can I get more salary

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