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    Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (RMRIMS) Ph.D Entrance Test

    Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (RMRIMS) is an institute located in Patna and offers many courses in different subject areas such as bio informatics, entomology, clinical medicine, drug discovery, cell biology, molecular biology etc. (RMRIMS) Ph.D Entrance Test is mainly conducted for selecting the candidates in to doctoral programs offered in different subject areas.

    Structure and Pattern of Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (RMRIMS) Ph.D Entrance Test

    The structure of (RMRIMS) Ph.D Entrance Test involves two main sections Section A and Section B. Section A consists of a total of 50 questions which will carry 1 mark each. This is a compulsory section and it will include objective type of questions. The maximum time limit allowed for Section A is 1 hour. There is no negative marking in this section.

    Only those candidates who get qualified in Section A can attend second section of the entrance examination. Section B will include short answer type questions which will carry 4 marks each. There will be 3 parts in Section B which requires the candidates to choose any part. The candidates will be given a total of 50 questions. Out of which they can select any 25 questions of their choice. The time allowed for completing Section B is 2 hours.

    The syllabus of the entrance examination is as follows

    Section A
    • Scientific aptitude
    • Research aptitude
    • Quantitative reasoning
    • General awareness of science
    • Computer application
    • Analytical ability
    Section B

    Part 1 - Life Sciences
    • Structure of atoms
    • Sterilization
    • Principles of biophysical chemistry
    • Photosynthesis, respiration and photorespiration
    • Oxidative phosphorylation
    • Nucleic acid and protein sequence database
    • Methods of isolation and purification of nucleic acids and proteins
    • Mendelian Principles
    • Measures of central tendency and dispersal
    • Enzyme regulation
    • Concepts of species
    • Cellular organization
    • Cellular communication and signaling
    • Biomolecules and their process
    Part-2 Biostatistics
    • Vital statistics
    • Theory of sampling
    • Statistical inferences
    • Fundamentals of biostatistics
    • Concepts of probability and distribution
    • Basic epidemiology
    Part 3 Clinical Medicine

    Eligibility criteria of Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (RMRIMS) Ph.D Entrance Test

    The basic eligibility criterion to attend this exam is a post graduation. The candidates should be post graduates in any of the below mentioned subject areas
    • Biochemistry
    • Biotechnology
    • Statistics
    • Microbiology
    • Life Sciences
    • Zoology
    • Management
    The post graduates should score an aggregate of 55% marks in the qualifying examination. The final year post graduates are also eligible to apply.

    Contact address of Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (RMRIMS) Ph.D Entrance Test
    • Address - Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Indian Council of Research,
    • Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
    • Govt. of India, Agamkuan,
    • Patna 800007, India
    • Phone - 091-2612-2631565, 2636651, 2631561
    • Fax - 0612-2634379
    • E-mail rmrims@icmr.org.in , diroffice@icmr.org.in
    • Website: www.rmrims.org.in, www.icmr.nic.in

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