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    Psychology comes under which stream, Arts or Science?

    Psychology comes under which stream, Arts or Science?
    thank you.

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    Re: Psychology comes under which stream, Arts or Science?

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    Psychology comes under which stream, Arts or Science?
    thank you.

    Psychology, Career in Psychology

    Psychology is a science which deals with the working of human mind, thoughts and behavior. Many colleges/ universities in the country provide the aspirants with various diplomas, certificate, UG, PG and doctoral courses in Psychology.

    Job profiles in Psychology

    The various job profiles offered for a graduate in psychology are mentioned below.
    • Clinical Psychologist
    • Counseling Psychologist
    • Developmental Psychologist
    • Social Worker
    • Staff Recruiter
    • Urban Planning Officer
    • Guide & Counselor
    • Social Psychologist
    • Educational Psychologist
    • Industrial Psychologist
    • Research Psychologist
    • Developmental Psychologist
    • Forensic Psychologist
    • Human Resources Assistant
    • Health Educator
    • Industrial Organization Psychologist
    • Marketing Research Analyst
    • Neuro Psychologist
    • Psychiatric Assistant
    • Psychiatric Technician
    • Public Relation Officer
    • Public Statistician
    • Recreation Worker
    • Rehabilitation Specialist
    • Special Education Teacher
    • School Psychologist
    • Caregiver
    • Career Counselor
    • Career Employment Specialist
    • Case Manager
    • Child Care Worker
    • Child Support Specialist
    • Clergymen
    • Day Care Centre Supervisor
    • Community Relations Officer
    • Career opportunities in public sector

    The demand of psychologists in several government schools, colleges and other organizations are increasing day by day. Hence it has now become much easier to secure a job in these public sector firms than in the olden days. One can get into these firms by clearing the exams conducted by various government authorities such UPSC, state PSC, SSC, etc. The candidates can also get promotions to higher post by writing different departmental tests. In these government departments, apart from the monthly income the aspirants will also get various other allowances.

    Career opportunities in private sector

    Psychologists have ample opportunities in various private sector firms in the country. The list of employment areas where a psychologist can work are mentioned below.
    • Welfare Organizations
    • Research Establishments
    • Rehabilitation Centers
    • Prisons
    • Child / Youth Guidance Centers
    • Advertising Industry
    • Clergy
    • Colleges / Universities
    • Community Mental Health Centers
    • Correctional Programs
    • Defense Forces
    • Hospitals
    • Personnel Administration
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Offices
    • Media
    • Psychology Opportunities abroad
    Apart from the home land, various organizations abroad also provide different job openings for the candidates those who have completed their psychology course. The graduates can easily secure a psychology job in any of the hospitals / schools / welfare organizations in the foreign countries.

    Salary range

    The remunerations of psychologists differ on the basis of qualification, skill and employment sector. At the entry level, a psychologist may earn a monthly income in the range of about Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 15,000/-. With experience and skill in the field, the pay scale may reach to Rs. 60,000/- within 2 - 3 years. For those employed in foreign countries, at the starting stage itself they can earn a monthly salary nearly in the range of Rs. 75,000/- to 1 lakh.

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    Re: Psychology comes under which stream, Arts or Science?

    what is the sylabus for bsc psycology?

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