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    provide me the GATE Important Questions in Every Topic?

    will u plz send mi the gate important questions on every topic

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    Smile Re: provide me the GATE Important Questions in Every Topic?

    Hello Friend

    GATE ( GRADUATE APTITUDE TEST IN ENGINEERING ) is a common entrance test All India wise for the entry into the top P.G colleges in India.
    Here i am providing some links where you can download the previous question papers and start your preparation.

    1. from this link you can get previous papers topic wise go through

    2. http://www.jbigdeal.com/2009/12/gate...solutions.html

    3. http://www.onestopgate.com/downloads/


    5. http://www.uptuplus.com/index.php?/g...s/gate-papers/

    6. http://questionpaper.in/QP-GATE-Ques...wnload-45.aspx

    If you want any further information leave your message here.


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    Re: provide me the GATE Important Questions in Every Topic?

    hai friend..
    we can not justify which are important and which are not in reputing GATE examination..
    here we are attaching some previously asked questions in GATE exam,,.
    please collect the attachment.
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    Re: provide me the GATE Important Questions in Every Topic?


    ->There is not any important questions or not important question type of thing in GATE, To clear GATE you have to study everything and have a deep knowledge of that topic then only you can succeed in the exam and Get a good rank,otherwise it is not possible for you to clear GATE.

    ->The Syllabus from which the questions will be asked is described below and there are also some reference material given which you can go through.


    General Aptitude

    Aerospace Engineering

    * Engineering Mathematics
    * Flight Mechanics
    * Numerical Ability
    * Space Dynamics
    * Structures
    * Verbal Ability

    Agricultural Engineering

    * Architecture And Planning
    * Building Construction And Management
    * Building Services
    * City Planning
    * Computer Aided Design
    * Development Administration And Management
    * Development Of Contemporary Architecture
    * Engineering Mathematics
    * Environmental Studies In Building Science
    * Farm Machinery And Power
    * History Of Architecture
    * Housing
    * Infrastructure, Services And Amenities
    * Landscape Design
    * Materials And Structural Systems
    * Planning Theory
    * Soil And Water Conservation Engineering
    * Techniques Of Planning
    * Traffic And Transportation Planning
    * Visual and Urban Design

    Civil Engineering

    * Engineering Mathematics
    * Environmental Engineering
    * Geotechnical Engineering
    * Structural Engineering
    * Surveying
    * Transportation Engineering
    * Water Resources Engineering


    * Biochemistry
    * Bioinformatics
    * Bioprocess Engineering
    * Calculus
    * Characteristics Of Animal Cells
    * Differential Equations
    * Immunology
    * Linear Algebra
    * Microbiology
    * Molecular Biology And Genetics
    * Numerical Methods
    * Plant And Animal Biotechnology
    * Probability And Statistics
    * Process Biotechnology
    * Recombinant Dna Technology

    Chemical Engineering

    * Chemical Engineering
    * Engineering Mathematics

    Computer Science and Information Technology

    * Computer Science And Information Technology
    * Engineering Mathematics


    * Inorganic Chemistry
    * Organic Chemistry
    * Physical Chemistry

    Electronics and Communication Engineering

    * Electronics And Communication Engineering
    * Engineering Mathematics

    Electrical Engineering

    * Electrical Engineering
    * Engineering Mathematics

    Geology and Geophysics

    * Basic Concept Of EM Induction
    * Conduction Of Electricity Through Rocks
    * Cosmic Abundance
    * Crystal Symmetry, Forms, Twinning
    * Earth And Planetary System
    * Earth’s Magnetic Field – Elements
    * Engineering Properties Of Rocks And Soils
    * G’ And ‘G’ Units Of Measurement
    * Geomorphic Processes And Agents
    * Geophysical Inverse Problems
    * Geophysical Signal Processing
    * Igneous Rocks - Classification, Forms And Textures, Magmatic Differentiation
    * Introduction To Remote Sensing
    * Ore Mineralogy And Optical Properties Of Ore Minerals
    * Radioactive And Non Radioactive Deposits
    * Scalar And Vector Potential Fields
    * Soil Formation
    * Stratigraphic Principles And Indian Stratigraphy
    * Stress, Strain And Material Response
    * Weathering

    Instrumentation Engineering

    * Engineering Mathematics
    * Mathematics
    * Algebra
    * Calculus Of Variation And Integral Equations
    * Complex Analysis
    * Functional Analysis
    * Linear Algebra
    * Linear Programming
    * Mechanics
    * Numerical Analysis
    * Ordinary Differential Equations
    * Partial Differential Equations
    * Probability And Statistics
    * Real Analysis
    * Topology

    Mechanical Engineering

    * Applied Mechanics And Design
    * Engineering Mathematics
    * Fluid Mechanics And Thermal Sciences
    * Manufacturing And Industrial Engineering

    Mining Engineering

    * Engineering Mathematics
    * Mining Engineering
    * Metallurgical Engineering
    * Engineering Mathematics
    * Metallurgical Engineering


    * Atomic And Molecular Physics
    * Classical Mechanics
    * Electromagnetic Theory
    * Electronics
    * Mathematical Physics
    * Nuclear And Particle Physics
    * Quantum Mechanics
    * Solid State Physics
    * Thermodynamics And Statistical Physics

    Production and Industrial Engineering

    * Engineering Mathematics
    * General Engineering
    * Industrial Engineering
    * Production Engineering

    Textile Engineering and Fiber Science

    * Engineering Mathematics
    * Textile Engineering and Fiber Science


    * GATE Solved Paper (MECHANICAL).
    * Introduction to Algorithms, Prentice Hall India.(2nd Edition) And its solutions By Corrman
    * Life Science Unsolved Gate Papers.
    * Mathematics Solved Gate Papers.
    * Modern Operating Systems, 2nd Edition, 2001-02 By Andrew Tanenbaum.
    * Physics Solved Gate Papers.
    * Engineering Mathematics
    * Discrete mathematics & its applications, Kenneth H. Rosen
    * Symbolic Logic, M. Copi
    * Formal Logic, M. Copi
    * Probability, Banerjee, De, Sen
    * Statistics and probability, N.G. Das
    * Higher Algebra, S.K. Mapa
    * Modern Algebra, A.R. Vasistha
    * Discrete Mathematical structure, Kolman, Busby, Ross
    * Graph Theory, Narsingh Deo
    * Chemical Engineering Solved Gate Papers (including Practice Papers)
    * Chemistry Solved Gate Papers.
    * Civil Engineering Unsolved Gate Papers.
    * Civil Engineering(GATE Solved Papers)
    * Compilers 1986-01 By Alfred V. Aho.
    * Computer Engineering Unsolved Gate Papers
    * Computer Organization and Architecture By William Stallings
    * Computer Science & IT (GATE Solved Papers)
    * Electrical Engineering Unsolved Gate Papers
    * Electronics & Communication Engineering Solved Gate Papers (including Practice Papers)
    * Gate Civil Engineering by Dillip Kumar Bera, Subhrajit Das
    * GATE Solved Paper ( EC)


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    Re: provide me the GATE Important Questions in Every Topic?

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    Re: provide me the GATE Important Questions in Every Topic?

    Hw to preapre Gate in 1 month

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    Re: provide me the GATE Important Questions in Every Topic?

    how to prepare for gate in 24 hours

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    Re: provide me the GATE Important Questions in Every Topic?

    i have to hours for gate exam..
    please suggest some easy methods to crack this exam

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    Re: provide me the GATE Important Questions in Every Topic?

    can u send some points related to chemical engineering subject to my mail, daily for preparation.

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