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    Which project should I do in MCA? What can I do after completing MCA course?

    iam in mca 3rd year, can any one suggest me which project should i do in mca and what should i do after completing it?

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    Re: Which project should I do in MCA? What can I do after completing MCA course?

    Well, if you ask me I would advice pf taking something related to hardware. See, digital logic is very much in demand not only today but from very long time. Very less people are there who have really able to achieve a good research work in this genre. If your project work becomes successful, then you can continue your PhD. in this genre. Hardware domain, especially research work in this domain is seen with a high esteem. You can join the R&D(Research and Development) team of any corporate team. You can stay there, gather some amount of experience, and later go abroad and join a post with higher salary.
    Now every bit of what I said only depends on the fact that do you or do you not any liking towards this subject. If you are totally into software domain, then this thing would not be applicable to you. Then I would suggest you choose your project topic with respect to the software engineering domain. There is a lot of area where you can use your expertise. You can develop something in DOT NET. You would highly need someone who would guide in DOT NET architecture. Also you would be needing a problem to work on. But that will be given by your guide. SO now what will you choose?

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    Re: Which project should I do in MCA? What can I do after completing MCA course?

    hello guest,
    See to select a project is a big question because exactly u show be knowing the market exactly wat is in demand
    which technology is in demand
    wat u shoudl do to get power in tht language,
    this all things should be clear after tht u can select a project by ur slef as if u will be knowing wat is on goin in the market
    so decide the langues and technology and thenselct a project,

    ther are number of opportunity after MCA so choose wisely in which tech u want to go further.
    thank u and all the best

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