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    Previous year CTS question papers?

    plz send me the previous year cts question paper... rly soon

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    Re: Previous year CTS question papers?

    What is CTS?
    The CTS stands for the company name “Cognizant Technology Solutions”. This company organizes an exam named as CTS. This exam organized worldwide.

    Here are some questions for CTS 2012
    1. A and B run in opposite directions from a pt. P on a circle with different but constant speeds. A runs in clockwise direction. They meet for the first time at a distance of 900 m in clockwise direction from P and for the second time at a distance of 800 m in anticlockwise direction from P. If B is yet to complete one round, the circumference of the circle is
    a) 1700m b) 1250m c) 1300m d) 1200m

    2. BC CE EG GK?
    A)KN b)KU c)KM d)None

    3. AA AB BC CE?
    a) EG b)EH c)EI d)None

    4. AB EF JK QR ?
    a)YZ b)ZA c)AB d)None

    a)QST b)QSZ c)QSY d)None

    6. AC CG GO OE?
    a)EJ b)EI c)EL d)None

    7. On a man's tombstone, it is said that one sixth of his life was spent in childhood and one twelfth as a teenager. One seventh of his life passed between the time he became an adult and the time he married; five years later, his son was born. Alas, the son died four years before he did. He lived to be twice as old as his son did. How old did the man live to be?
    Ans: 84 years

    8. What two numbers have a product of 48 and, when the larger number is divided by the smaller, a quotient of 3?
    Ans: 4 and 12

    9. A drove of sheep and chickens have a total of 99 heads and feet. There are twice as many chickens as sheep. How many of each are there?
    Ans: nine sheep and eighteen chickens.

    10. A can do a work in 8 days, B can do a work in 7 days, C can do a work in 6 days. A works on the first day, B works on the second day and C on the third day respectively that is they work on alternate days. When will they finish the work.(which day will they finish the work)
    Ans: 7 7/168 days

    11. A batsman scores 23 runs and increases his average from 15 to 16. find the runs to be made if he wants top inc the avg to 18 in the same match.
    Ans: 39 Runs.

    12. There are coins of Rs.5, 2,1,50p,25p,10p,5p. Each one has got a weight. Rs 5 coin weighs 20gms.find the minimum number of coins to get a total of 196.5gms.

    13.A can do a work in 8 days, B can do a work in 7 days, C can do a work in 6 days. A works on the first day, B works on the second day and C on the third day resly.that is they work on alternate days. When will they finish the work. which day will they finish the work.
    Ans: 7 7/168 days

    14. A batsman scores 23 runs and increases his average from 15 to 16. find the runs to be made if he wants top inc the avg to 18 in the same match.
    Ans: 39runs.

    15. A man sells apples. First he gives half of the total apples what he has and a half apple. Then he gives half of the remaining and a half apple. He gives it in the same manner. After 7 times all are over. How many apples did he initially have.
    Ans: 127 apples.

    16. In a club there are male and female members. If 15 female quit then the number of females will become double the number of males. If 45 males quit no. of female becomes five times the number of males. Find the number of females.
    Ans: females:175,males:80

    17. A group of friends goes for dinner and gets bill of Rs 2400 . Two of them says that they have forgotten their purse so remaining make an extra contribution of Rs 100 to pay up the bill. Tell the no. of person in that group.
    Ans - 8 person

    18. Given the following functions
    (1) f (n a b c ) = ac if n=1
    (2) f (n a b c) = f ( n-1 a c b) + f ( 1 a b c) + f ( n-1 b a c ) if n > 1
    Then what is the value f ( 2 a b c ) = ?
    Ans: f ( 2 a c b ) = ab + ac + bc.

    19. There are 600 tennis players 4% wear wrist band on one wrist Of the remaining, 25% wear wrist bands on both hands How many players don't wear a wrist band?
    Ans. 432

    21. If all the 6 are replaced by 9, then the algebraic sum of all the numbers from 1 to 100 (both inclusive) varies by
    Ans: 330

    21.//What is the output of the program, if integer occupies 2 bytes memory?
    int a;
    char b;
    char c[10];
    void main()
    int l=sizeof(u1);
    // A. 13
    // B. 10
    // c. 16
    // D. None of the above
    Ans: B. 10

    22. What is the output of the program
    void main()
    int i,j=20;
    // A. 1,20
    // B. 1,20,1,20
    // c. 1,2
    // D. 1,2,20,20
    Ans: c

    23. Four persons can cross a bridge in 3,7,13,17 minutes. Only two can cross at a time. find the minimum time taken by the four to cross the bridge.

    24. Find the product of the prime numbers between 1-20

    25. 4. 2,3,6,7--- using these numbers form the possible four digit numbers that are divisible by 4.

    26. Two trains are traveling at 18kmph and are 60 km apart. There is fly in the train. it flies at 80kmph. It flies and hits the second train and then it starts to oscillate between the two trains. At one instance when the two trains collide it dies. Distance traveled by the fly when both trains collide is

    27. there are 1000 doors that are of the open-close type. When a person opens the door he closes it and then opens the other. When the first person goes he opens-closes the doors ion the multiples of 1 i.e., he opens and closes all the doors. when the second goes he opens and closes the doors 2, 4 6 8 respectively. Similarly when the third one goes he does this for 3 6 9 1 2 15th doors resly. Find number of doors that are open at last.
    Ans: square numbers

    28. In a pile of 10 books, there are 3 of History, 3 of Hindi, 2 of mathematics and 2 of English. Taking from above, there is an English book between a history and mathematics book, a history book between a mathematics and an English book, a Hindi book between an English and a mathematics book, a mathematics book between two Hindi books and two Hindi books between a Mathematic and a History book. Book of which subject is at the sixth position from top ?
    A. English
    B. Hindi
    B. Mathematics
    C. History

    Ans: B

    29.There are 9 balls of this one is defective. Find the minimum no. of chances of finding the defective one.
    Ans: 3times

    30. In A tribal group two groups live in different climatic conditions. Ear Sensitivity is tested and found that one has more when compared to other. What is the reason.
    Ans: Depends on the physical place and condition he is living.

    For more details please follow the following link:

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    Re: Previous year CTS question papers?

    CTS is the top most MNC company.So they have a placement criteria.


    1)Candidate must be score at least 60% in through out career.

    2)Pending Backlog are not allowed.

    3)Maximum 1 year gap are allowed.


    1)Aptitude Test.

    2)Technical Test

    3)Personal Interview.

    I have attached the Placement Paper of CTS exam so please check it out.This Paper are really helpful for you.
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