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    Preparation tips for competitive exams (like bank exams) for those who are preparing without the help of coaching.

    sir, i am preparaing for competitive exams (especially bank clerk exams) at home without any coaching. Sir, i have given some exams and i knew that english section and gk section is the tough section for me to crack. i have maximum 5 hours in a day. please guide me how to crack exams. still now i couldn't crack any exams. my maths is very good and reasoning is too good not so much as maths.
    please tell me how to make a plan in this time and as per conditions

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    Re: Preparation tips for competitive exams (like bank exams) for those who are preparing without the help of coaching.

    Dear friend,

    Hope you are doing well.

    We know that today in any competitive exam the following are the main essential sections:-

    1.English Language and Comprehension

    2.Numerical Ability

    3.Reasoning and Logical Ability

    4.General Knowledge and current affairs.

    These days the competitive exams are becoming more complicated as to test the real capability and the actual ability of a person that he could deliver if different quantities of pressure like time and situation are acting but still the persson delivers his maximum extent in the exam conducted to depict his utmost intelligence and capability of performing the job to the right extent.

    This is what the firm tries to check out when conducting when conducting any competitive entrance exam.

    To achieve this the the person needs to be focussed and be well prepared for the exam with a good strategy.

    Here are some tips I could suggest you to perform well in the exam:-

    1.Allocate a particular time daily what so mamximum or minimum you could do .
    For example if you feel more comfortable in reading during morning then allocate a particular time and see that every day you read during that time.

    2.Prepare your self a time table .See that you concentrate on your areas of interest and at the same time you donot loose grip in your strength area.See that you manage both of them properly.

    3.Make a habit of reading a standard news paper daily so that you are in touch with the current affairs.

    4.Follow some standard news channels for good English and Hindi right from now which would serve you a lot during your interview.

    5.See that you concentrate more on the areas which are more scoring so that your overall score gets boosted up.

    The ultimate goal of any competitive exam is to give your best in a limited time.Don't go for answers which you are not confident as most of the competitive exams have negative marking.

    6.Be a optimist and choose the area which is more simple in the paper rather than for you.

    For example although you are good at mathematics that year paper may contain very easier sections in the other areas when compared to maths.People who opt for other sections would get more score because overall score would be considered and the people who waste their time for the tougher part.

    So be a good optimist in choosing your sections.

    7.Read good competitive exam books that are necessary.Follow the syllabus prescribed and first make sure that you complete what ever is mentioned rather than reading whatever is unnecessary right for the exam.

    8.Take good care of your health.A person should be mentally and physically fit to give his best.

    Hope the information helped you.

    All the best.

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