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    Is it possible to crack IIT JEE without any coaching and proper guidance? Can I start preparing for JEE along with 12th?

    Respected Sir,
    Is it possible to crack iit-jee without any coaching and proper guidance?

    I am a student of class 12th, I scored 91% marks in 10th board in ICSE.I am from a small town where coachings and proper guidance are not available but I really want to crack iit in my first attempt.I have a strong will power but when I see the books for iit I loses my confidence.I really want to know that can I prepare for iit along with 12th with getting a good rank in both and if yes then what to do for it?

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    Re: Is it possible to crack IIT JEE without any coaching and proper guidance? Can I start preparing for JEE along with 12th?


    It is very Good that you Wants to Crack IIT Exam in your First attempt But For Cracking IIT exam you will Need Coaching & Proper Guidance.

    Without Proper Guidance You can't do Anything. You Scored very Good Marks in 10th Class but for IIT you Have to Join Coaching Centers.

    You Belongs to Small Town That's not Matter. You have to Come Outside for Getting Success.

    Many Coaching Centers are Available for IIT preparation. you have to Join. Coaching Center will give you Proper Guidance for IIT Examination.

    Your Marks Saying that you cab Crack IIT Examination Easily but you have to Come Outside from your Small Town.

    After Getting Success in IIT you will get Respect in your Town but you have to Leave your Town for This Achievement.

    YOu have Good Will Power So Use it for Making Your Best Career. IIT Have Best Career. You can Easily Prepare for IIT with 12th Class.

    IIT Exam totally Based on 12th Class Syllabus.

    IIT with 12th Is Just Confusing Because IIT is fully Objective & 12th Board Exam is Fully Subjective Exam.

    But you can Prepare for This Easily.

    Without Guidance you can't Get Success in IIT Examination. You can take help from Books but Coaching Centers wil be Best way for Getting Success in IIT exam.

    Coaching Center Solve you Doubt Related to any Topic. Books Just Give you Some Methods & Respected Questions.

    Coaching Center will give you Different Methods, They Give you Proper Knowledge of Every basic Thing.

    In My Opinion You Have to Come Outside of your Town & Join Good Coaching Center. YOU will surely get Success in IIT; if you Study Hard.

    Best of Luck..............

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    Re: Is it possible to crack IIT JEE without any coaching and proper guidance? Can I start preparing for JEE along with 12th?

    Friend you want to creak IIT JEE.It is a good ambition.
    You can do it by your hard work.
    Your percentage in ICSE board is very good.
    It seems that you are a laborious student.
    First i want to say that IIT JEE exam is conducted for admission in IIT colleges.
    This exam is conducted in two types (1)IIT MAIN and (2)IIT ADVANCE
    First you have to sit in IIT MAIN exam in which you rank should be under 150000.
    If your rank is under 150000 you are eligible to sit in IIT ADVANCE exam.
    After creaking IIT ADVANCE with better rank you can take admission in IIT colleges.
    Friend you can prepare for IIT along 12th.You should get better guidance for preparation of IIT exam.
    You should go in best coaching institute for IIT preparation.
    You should watch IIT syllabus and then prepare for IIT exam.
    If you want to better guidance for IIT exam,you should go for better institutes for IIT preparation.
    Some coaching institutes in India for preparation of IIT exam are following:-
    Here you can get better guidance.
    Some books for IIT preparation are following:-
    Concept of Physics,H C Verma

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