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    Is it possible to change my stream from PCM to PCB after 11th (CBSE)?

    is it possible to change my stream from PCM TO PCB IN 12

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    Re: Is it possible to change my stream from PCM to PCB after 11th (CBSE)?

    It solely depends upon your school and the board.
    I don't know whether you school will grant permission or not but it is not advisable to change any of your subjects in 12th.
    11th class is like the pillars of your higher education. The subjects that you study in 11th provide the very basic knowledge that you would require in you 12th as well as during your higher education.

    Since you want to change Maths to Bio. So, there could be 2 reasons for it-
    ~either you find maths very difficult
    ~or you see biology very fascinating

    As far as the first case is concerned, i would like you to tell that, 12th Maths is easier than 11th. There are various concepts in Trigonometry in 11th that you would find difficult but in 12th, those concepts are easily molded and many difficult things have also been skipped from the syllabus.

    Coming to the second case. Now, if you want to make your carrier in biology then its a complete different story. You should definitely try to change the subject because studying a subject in which you have no interest is of no use. Try to convince your school management and if it is possible, change it.

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