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    Orissa Joint Entrance Examination for MCA

    In order to select candidates in to MCA course in any of the prominent colleges in Orissa, candidates need to attend and qualify Joint Entrance Examination conducted by the state government. Those graduates who are interested to pursue MCA course, need to qualify OJEE. Candidates should also attain a good score in OJEE MCA so as to get final admission in to this course.

    Structure and Pattern of Orissa Joint Entrance Examination for MCA

    The general pattern of Orissa Joint Entrance Examination for MCA will involve objective model questions. Candidates need to answer questions from subject areas like Computer awareness, Mathematics, English etc. The minimum mark given for each question in this entrance examination is 1 mark.

    Syllabus of Orissa Joint Entrance Examination for MCA is as follows –

    • Addition theorem
    • Adjoin and Inverse of a matrix.
    • Algebra of complex numbers
    • Algebra of matrices
    • Angle between a line and a plane
    • Angles between two planes
    • Averages
    • Binomial Theorem
    • Cartesian products of sets
    • Complement
    • Complex numbers
    • Composite Function
    • Compound angles
    • Conjugate and square root
    • Conjunction
    • Contra positives
    • Converse
    • Cube roots of unity
    • Definite integrals
    • Definition of probability
    • De-Moivre’s Theorem
    • Determinants up to third order
    • Difference
    • Differential Equations
    • Disjunction
    • Dispersion
    • Equivalence Relation
    • Geometrical applications
    • Implication
    • Independent events
    • Inverse circular function
    • Inverse of a Function
    • Kinds of Function
    • Leibnitz Theorem
    • Mathematical induction
    • Matrices up to third order
    • Minors and Cofactors
    • Multiple and Sub-multiple angles
    • Mutually exclusive events
    • Negation
    • Pairs of straight lines
    • Partial differentiation
    • Permutation and Combinations
    • Projections
    • Properties of determinants
    • Properties of triangles
    • Real numbers
    • Relation and Function
    • Scalar triple product
    • Set operations
    • Solution of trigonometric equations
    • Standard methods of integration
    • Statement
    • Successive differentiation
    • Symmetric Difference
    • Truth Table
    • Types of Matrices
    • Union, Intersection
    • Venn diagram
    Computer Awareness
    • Application of Computers
    • Arithmetic and logical expression
    • Classification of Computers
    • Components of a Computer
    • Concept of Files
    • Constants
    • Elementary arithmetic operation
    • Elementary BASIC statements
    • Flow Charts, Algorithms
    • History of Computers
    • Matrix operations Function and Subroutines
    • Number base conversion
    • Number System with general base
    • Simple DOS Commands
    • Subscripted Variables
    • Variables
    • Writing simple programs
    Eligibility criteria of Orissa Joint Entrance Examination for MCA

    Graduates can apply for Orissa Joint Entrance Examination for MCA.
    Candidates need to opt for mathematics as one of the subjects either at 12th class or graduation course level. 50% marks in graduation is essential in order to attend this entrance examination.

    Contact address of Orissa Joint Entrance Examination for MCA

    Address – Chairman, Joint Entrance Examination-2012, Orissa, Joint Entrance Examination Complex, Gandamunda, Khandagiri (PO), Bhubaneswar-751030
    E mail id - secretaryojee2011@gmail.com
    Phone - 0674 2352456
    Fax - 0674 2352457
    Website - www.odishajee.com

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