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    Which option is best between MBA and MCA?

    sir, i have completed degree b.sc(comp)...... i hav interest in software field..... but programming languages are not interest..............................im not decide going to mba r mca...................in present situation which one is better mba r mca? i will expect mca 3 years waste..............but software interest ...................... please send reply sir, waiting for your reply........................

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    Re: Which option is best between MBA and MCA?

    Hi Dude...

    MBA and MCA are both the masters degree course of study and these courses are actually done after the completion of the bachelors degree course of study and the MBA is related to the Masters of Business Administration and this is totally related to management and business related course of study and the MCA is the Masters of Computers Applications course of study and this Masters of computers study is related to the technical course of study in which you will be dealing with the computers course of study.

    Among the MBA and MCA courses of study and this MBA course of study is best and it has more demand when compared to the MCA course of study this MCA is related to the technical fields and every company needs graduation in technical course and post graduation in management as you need to have technical study with the management skills also so this MBA course will be more use full when compared to the MCA course of study....

    So dude take up the MBA and also there are many specializations which are available under this MBA course of study and this MBA will have so many opportunities which are available and you can take any of the specializations which are available and some of the top specializations which are available are...

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    Re: Which option is best between MBA and MCA?


    MBA and MCA both are post graduate courses. one is completely management side and another one is pure in technical side.

    After B.Sc(Computer) its better to prefer MCA. Because you are aware of all programs in graduation so it will helpful in the MCA. As if now the demand for MCA also increased..

    But you are not interested in programming languages. So itis all the matter of your passion. If you are good at your Technical skills , then it will be better you go for MCA..

    If you are decent at your Management skills, then you can go for MBA. This is the question where you require Introspection and analysis of your Character and personality. So, Analyse yourself

    But if ask my opinion then I will suggest you to go for MBA. MBA it is stand for Master in Business administration which in two year course and basically you learn management things in it. so after MBA
    you may get the Job in middle level management or top level management.

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    Re: Which option is best between MBA and MCA?

    Hi friend
    My suggestion is to you that you have to start the mba as compare to the mca course because as you are said that you are not interesting in the computers languages and we all know that when you will get the admission in the mca course then again you have to faces most of the computers languages because after all the mca course is related to the computer languages. So my friend my suggestion is to you that you have to get admission in the mba course where you can be learn more different things which are probably not related to your computers things in different branches.
    Thanking you

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