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    Is it necessary to opt Maths if I want to do CS?

    is it neccsary to opct maths if we want to do cs

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: Is it necessary to opt Maths if I want to do CS?

    Hi Dude.....

    Dude Mathematics is necessary in every aspect of life the basic maths is necessary for any type of the course and if you wants to opt for the CS(computer science) also there will be mathematics. and the CS course is also entered only after the +2 with the maths and physics back ground of study only you can take up the CS course of study....

    In CS first year also you will be having the mathematics course of study and the logics also needs mathematics concepts in science groups also you will be having the maths a little bit,so mathematics is compulsory in life.

    so,dude opt the maths subject in your +2 then you can take up the cs course of study in your under graduation level degree course of study..

    The CS course of study is of the 4 years full time course of study in which there will be 8 semesters and you ned to complete all the 8 semesters and after the CS there will be some higher study courses of study which will be available for you to take up and you can complete it also...

    The CS course of study will be dealing with the computers and many programming concepts like the java,php,c,etc..where you need to write some logics which needs mathematics.....
    so the mathematics is compulsory subject for the CS students....

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