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    Meaning of self introduction in BPO interviews?

    Self introduction
    meaning of Bpo
    work of bpo companies

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: Meaning of self introduction in BPO interviews?

    hi friend...

    BPO is nothing but the Business Process Out sourcing the main motto under the BPO services is to serve the customers and clear all the needs which are required for the customers and solve their issues related to technical or non technical also...
    Now days there are lots of openings for the BPO's in many companies whether it is small or large company requires BPO's for their Business Processing ...

    The interview for the BPO's will be conducted in the series of selection criteria and the main things which are needed for a candidate to get selected for BPO jobs are of
    Good Communication skills
    Analytical thinking
    Voice accent
    Technical knowledge if BPO for Technical support
    these are the main things which are needed for a candidates to get selected for BPO jobs and for being eligible you need o have minimum graduation in any of the degree course of study.

    The interview process of general BPO selections includes of the
    Self introduction
    Telephonic round
    Technical test
    HR Intervie
    Typing test
    these are the general rounds which are conducted for the process of selections for the BPO process..

    The self introduction is the main first round of selection process and this is the main round for selection process as the Self introduction is nothing but the your personnel details.
    You should present your full details which are necessary in a clear manner and the another point why BPO's and also about the company if asked for...


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    Re: Meaning of self introduction in BPO interviews?

    Dear Friend,

    This question is asked to know about personal traits of candidate such as interests, strengths, weaknesses etc.

    One more important point they would like to know it the communication skill of candidate and how well they can describe themselves.

    You should look confident while answering and describe about yourself, your family.

    You should mention your detailed academic record and all the achievements so far.

    Don't forget to mention few qualities which will specifically be beneficial to the company.

    All the best.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Meaning of self introduction in BPO interviews?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Self introduction
    meaning of Bpo
    work of bpo companies
    hello friend..

    BPO -- Business Process Out sourcing

    Here in this job you need to do service through the voice or by the chat process mainly in this you will go throw 2 divisions such as::

    -Out bound process

    -Inbound process

    The Out bound process mainly deals with the our sourcing i mean you need to sell some product or any insurance policy by calling to the respective contacts

    The in bound process mainly defines the users will cal to you and clarify the doubts with the products you sold

    So for the selection for the BPO process you need to clear some rounds Here you will have various job roles such as :::

    voice process

    Non-voice process

    chat process

    Selection process for BPO ::

    1-- Self introduction

    2- JAM or accent round

    3- HR round

    What you need to say in Self introduction round :::

    This round is manly kept to know about yourself and your educations qualifications here you need to speak with good verbal skills and fluent as this is the first round

    In this you need to describe about :-

    -your educational qualifications

    -your interests

    -your family background

    -your hobbies

    -Your achievements

    Combining all these the first round will be cleared....

    After completion of that round you will have a JAM session here you need to say about a topic for a Minute with good communication If you cleared this you will have a HR round

    all the best...

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