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Madhya Pradesh Pre MCA Entrance Test (MP MET-MCA) Exam Details
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    Madhya Pradesh Pre MCA Entrance Test (MP MET-MCA)

    MP MET-MCA is conducted to select eligible candidates for MCA course. Graduates can apply for this examination. Selection to this course will be through a written examination. Candidates can apply for MCA course in any reputed colleges in Madhya Pradesh.

    Structure and Pattern of Madhya Pradesh Pre MCA Entrance Test (MP MET-MCA)

    The written exam will include questions from following subject areas that is Mathematics/Statistics / Computer science /Logical and Numerical ability etc. The selection procedure for this course will only include a written examination. Candidates who successfully clear written test will be selected for MCA course.

    Syllabus of Madhya Pradesh Pre MCA Entrance Test (MP MET-MCA) is as follows

    • Volumes and surfaces of frustums of a sphere
    • Vector
    • Trigonometry
    • Trigonometric equations
    • Taylor Series
    • Tangents and normal
    • Surds
    • Statistics
    • Solution of triangles
    • Skew ness and kurtosis
    • Simultaneous linear
    • Simple identities
    • Simple geometric transformations such as translation
    • Simple examples of maxima and minima
    • Scaling
    • Scalar and vector products
    • Rotation
    • Rectangular Cartesian co-ordinates
    • Random variable and distribution functions
    • Quadratic equations
    • Properties of triangles
    • Probability and Stats
    • Probability
    • Principle of least squares
    • Position vector
    • Poisson
    • Permutations and combinations
    • Parabola
    • Pair of straight lines
    • Normal distributions
    • Mid point
    • Measures of dispersions
    • Mathematical expectations
    • Logarithms
    • Linear Programming
    • Linear differential equations
    • Limit of functions
    • Inverse function
    • Intersections etc
    • Integration of function by parts
    • Indices
    • Homogenous linear differential equations
    • Height and distance
    • Geometric and harmonic progressions
    • Fundamental operations in Algebra
    • Frequency distributions
    • Frequency Destitution
    • First order and their solutions
    • Factorization
    • Expansion
    • Equations of a line
    • Equations of a circle
    • Ellipse and hyperbola
    • Distance formulae
    • Differentiation of functions(s)
    • Differential Equations
    • Determinants
    • Dependent and independent events
    • Cylinder
    • Curve fitting
    • Correlation and regression
    • Co-ordinate Geometry
    • Continuous functions
    • Cone
    • Concepts in Statistics
    • Calculus
    • By substitution and by partial fraction
    • Binomial theorem
    • Binomial
    • Basic concepts of probability theory
    • Averages
    • Arithmetics
    • Additions and subtraction of vectors
    Computer Awareness
    • Venn diagrams
    • Two complement arithmetic
    • Truth tables
    • Subtraction
    • Structure of instructions in CPU
    • Single arithmetic
    • Representation of characters
    • Organization of a computer
    • Computer memory
    • Normalized floating point representation
    • Multiprogramming and time sharing operating systems
    • Multiplication
    • Memory organization
    • Integers
    • Input / output device
    • I / O devices, interrupts
    • Fractions
    • Flow chart and Algorithms
    • Floating point representation of numbers
    • Division
    • Data Representation
    • Computer Programming in C.
    • Computer Basics
    • Computer Architecture
    • Communication between processor
    • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
    • Boolean algebra
    • Block structure of computers
    • Binary Arithmetic addition
    • Binary and hexadecimal representations
    • Back-up devices
    • Assembly language and high level language
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • Logical Reasoning
    Eligibility criteria of Madhya Pradesh Pre MCA Entrance Test (MP MET-MCA)

    Graduation from a recognized institute is the required qualification to apply for this exam. Candidates need to obtain 50% marks in graduation level to attend this entrance examination. It is compulsory for candidates to study mathematics as a subject in 12th class or degree level.

    Contact address of Madhya Pradesh Pre MCA Entrance Test (MP MET-MCA)
    • Address - M.P Professional Examination Board, Bhopal, "Chayan Bhawan, Main Road No.1, Chinar Park (East) Bhopal 462011
    • Phone - 0755-2578801 04,
    • Fax No - 0755-2550498,
    • E-mail -
    • Website -

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    Re: Madhya Pradesh Pre MCA Entrance Test (MP MET-MCA)

    Many thanks for the help in this question. I did not know it.

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