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    List various options after completing IGCSE course other than IB? Can a student go back to HSC course if not interested to continue through IGCSE? How to go with CET exams for engineering admissions after IBDP?Information about IGCSE and IB course.

    My son is in grade 7 & he wants to pursue IGCSE course in grade 8 . I want to know that if he does not want to go for I B course for whatever reason then what are the options available here , whether he can go back to HSC course in Mumbai ,will he get the admission in college. As he is in Jamnabai Narsee school his results will come in august . Next if he goes for IBDP then what if he wants to do engineering . How to go about the CET exams will he be able to cope up.
    Lastly I want to understand the IGCSE & IB course, ? Whether it is better than ICSE course if he wants to complete his graduation in Mumbai ?

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