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    List the subjects of B.Sc (IT) course.

    subjects in bsc.it of commerce stream
    we passed the 12 with commerce stream so, what were our subjects in bsc.it

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    bat man
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    Re: List the subjects of B.Sc (IT) course.

    Hello friend

    The syllabus of B.Sc IT is

    1st Semester

    Basics of Information Technology
    Window based applications
    Introduction to databases with Access
    Business applications of IT
    Internet / Multimedia
    Communication Skills
    Behavioural Science

    2nd semester

    Basic Mathematics
    Object Oriented Programming
    Java Programming
    Oracle / Developer 2000
    Management Practices and Principles
    Communication Skills
    Foreign Language German / French/ Spanish
    Behavioural Science

    3rd semester

    Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
    Visual Basic
    Object Oriented Analysis and Design
    Website Management and Design
    Website Project
    Marketing Management
    Finance Management
    Computer Communication

    4th semester

    Accounting Principles and Practices
    Communication Technology
    S/W Engg. (Analysis Requirement and Defining Solution Architecture)
    Telecom Service & Operation Management
    Telecom economic policy
    Personality Development

    5th semester

    Data Warehousing and Data Mining
    Oracle 8i and Distributed Database
    Fundamentals of e-Commerce
    S/W Project Management
    Advance Java
    Advance Computer Architecture
    Unix / Linux / Shell Programming
    Strategic Management

    6th semester

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Strategic Use of Information Technology
    S/W Quality Assurance
    New Technologies
    Project with Industry
    IT enabled services

    all the best

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: List the subjects of B.Sc (IT) course.

    Hi Friend...

    Bachelors degree in IT is also related to the computers course of study and this course of bachelors degree is of the 3 years full time course of study and this can be actually done after diploma course or the 12th class course of study ..

    The candidates can directly appear for the Bachelors degree course with out any of the entrance examinations required and after this bachelors degree also can take up different higher study courses also after the completion of your bachelors degree

    The course structure for the B.Sc IT are...
    *Semester 1-
    >>Introduction to Information Theory
    >>Mathematics 1
    >>introduction to digital eletronics
    >>Digital computer fundamentals
    >>Introduction to programming
    *Semester 2
    >>Mathematics 2
    >>Design and Analysis of algorithms
    >>Electronics and telecommunication systems
    >.Computer graphics
    >>Skills development course
    *Semester 3-
    >>Computational mathematics
    >>Systems programming
    >>Object oriented programming
    >>Computer networks
    >>Logical,discrete mathematics study
    *Semester 4-
    >>Data base concepts
    >>Operating systems
    >>E commerce
    >>software engineering
    *semester 5-
    >>Internal security

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    Re: List the subjects of B.Sc (IT) course.

    List the subjects of B.Sc (IT) course are --

    1. Window based applications
    2. Introduction to databases with Access
    3. Business applications of IT
    4. Computational mathematics
    5. Systems programming
    6. Object oriented programming
    7. Data base concepts
    8. Operating systems
    9. C++,Java
    10. E commerce
    11. Management Practices and Principles
    12. Communication Skills
    13. Foreign Language German / French
    14. Management Practices and Principles
    15. Communication Skills
    16. Foreign Language German / French/ Spanish

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    Re: List the subjects of B.Sc (IT) course.


    List of subjects in B.Sc (IT):-

    Computational mathematics,

    C++, Java,

    Communication skills,

    Business applications of IT,

    Foreign Language- German/French/Spanish,

    Window based applications,

    System programming,

    Object oriented programming,

    Management practices principles,


    Introduction to data bases with Access,

    Operating Systems.

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