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    List the compulsory subjects in B.Sc(computer science) course.

    List the compulsory subjects in B.Sc(computer science) course.
    thank you.

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Hello Friend

    B.Sc Computer Science
    is a 3 year Degree program where you can pursue after the completion of you 10+2 with Mathematics, Physics as your main subjects.

    The common subjects that you come across in your 3 year B.Sc Computer Science program are

    1. Introduction to C Programming
    2. File Organization and Fundamental Databases
    3. Lab course based on C-Programming, OS, HTML, Shell programming and DBMS.
    4. Electronics, Devices, Circuits and Computer Peripherals.
    5. Fundamentals of Digital Electronics
    6. Discrete Mathematics
    7. Algebra and Calculus
    8. Statistical methods
    9. Data structures using C
    10. Microprocessor Architecture and Assembly language
    11. Communication Principles
    12. Numerical Analysis
    13. Digital Signal Processing
    14. Computational Geometry
    15. System Programming
    16. Computer Networks and Network Administration
    17. Core JAVA
    18. Software Engineering
    19. Advanced JAVA

    Dude along with these you will be having Practical labs based on the Electronics and Mathematics subjects which you have to submit the Practical work in the final year of the course.

    Dude the above said are the common subjects that you will come across in most of the institution patterns, but it sometimes differ from the Universities.

    After the completion of the B.Sc Computer Science if you are interested then you can go for higher studies such as M.Sc in Computer Science, so that you will be developing a vast knowledge in Computer Science and you can get innovative skills.

    So dude go through it for any further information you can leave your message here.


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    Re: List the compulsory subjects in B.Sc(computer science) course.

    dear computer science course is one of the job oriented graduate level course ,you have to develop and predict computer information processes and you have to transform them to computer's hardware and computer's software .

    the course structure consists of
    • algorithms,
    • engineering software's ,
    • program and data representation,
    • computing architecture,
    • mathematics,
    • statistics,
    • multimedia,
    • software testing,
    • computer networking etc..

    you must have 10+2 to get eligible for this programme in any background,
    the duration of this course is three years.
    first semister
    • computer organization-101,
    • practical on computer organization and MS office-101P,
    second semister
    • programme problem solving through C-201
    • practical on 'C' language-201P,
    third semister
    • data structure using C++-301,
    • practical on data structure-301P
    • if you are in honours than you have to take operating system using LINUX-302,
    fourth semister
    • DBMS-401,
    • practical on DBMS-401P
    • if you are in honours than you have to take SYSTEM PROGRAMMING-402
    you have strong foundation to apply for jobs in computer industry ,
    you can apply for
    • computer based firms,
    • IT companies,
    • schools,
    • colleges,
    • private computer training institutes and many more .
    if you do masters degree afetr your B.SC than you get lot of oppertunties.
    all the best

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    Re: List the compulsory subjects in B.Sc(computer science) course.

    computer science
    Environmental science

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    Re: List the compulsory subjects in B.Sc(computer science) course.

    hello friends,

    B.Sc (computer science) subjects,

    Semester I
    1. Computer Science
    CS-211 Data structures using C
    CS-212 RDBMS(MySql)
    CS-LabI Computer Science (Data Structures using C Assignments)
    CS-LabII Computer Science (My-SQL Assignments)

    2. Electronics
    ELC-211 Microprocessor Architecture and Assembly Language
    ELC-212 Communication Principles
    ELC-213: Electronics Lab Course

    3. Mathematics
    MTC-211 Linear Algebra
    MTC-212 Numerical Analysis
    MTC-213 Mathematics Lab Course

    4. English
    Semester II
    1. Computer
    CS-221 OOP's concepts & Programming C++
    CS-222 Software Engineering
    CS-LabI Computer Science Lab (C++ Assignments)
    CS-LabII Computer Science Lab (Mini Project based on SE Concept)

    2. Electronics
    ELC-221: Microcontroller and embedded system
    ELC-222: Digital Signal Processing
    ELC-223: Electronics Lab Course

    3. Mathematics
    MTC-221 Computational Geometry
    MTC-222 Operation Research
    MTC-223 Mathematics Lab

    4. English

    5. A course in environmental awareness - (College exams)
    T.Y.B.Sc. (Computer Science- Old Syllabus Semester Pattern)
    Semester III
    CS-331 System Programming - I
    CS-332 Theoretical Computer Science -I
    CS-333 Computer Networks & Network Administration - I
    CS-334 PHP
    CS-335 Core JAVA
    CS-336 Object Oriented Software Engineering
    CS-337 Computer Science Lab I (Syspro I)
    CS-338 Computer Science Lab II (Java )
    CS-339 Computer Science Lab III (PHP)
    Semester IV
    CS-341: System Programming - II
    CS-342: Theoretical Computer Science -II
    CS-343: Computer Networks & Network Administration - II
    CS-344: Web Technology and XML
    CS-345: Advance JAVA
    CS-346: Software Engineering (Business Applications)
    CS-347: Computer Science Lab I (Syspro II)
    CS-348: Computer Science Lab II (Advance Java )
    CS-349: Computer Science Lab III (Web Tech, XML)

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    Re: List the compulsory subjects in B.Sc(computer science) course.

    B.Sc Stands for Bachelor's of computer Science and the duration of course is 3 years and the course is divided into Six Semesters .

    Basic Qualification for this examination is completed 12th examination from a recognized School or equivalent qualification and you must secure at least 60% aggregate marks in your examination .

    12th exam with Physics , Chemistry and mathematics as subjects from a recognized School and there is no minimum marks required for this examination .

    Compulsory Subjects in B.Sc (Computer Science ) Courses :-
    • Digital Logic fundamentals
    • Operating System
    • Programming in C
    • C Lab
    • C++ and Data Structure
    • Data Structure using c++ Lab
    • MicroProcessor & It is applications
    • Software engineering
    • RDMBS with Oracle
    • Object Oriented Analysis and Design
    • Programming in Visual basic
    • Programming in Java
    • VB and Java lab
    • Asp.Net and it is Applications
    • computer Networks
    • Mini Project
    • Programming in C#
    • C# Kab
    • Cobol Programming
    • Cobal Lab

    After completing B.Sc computer Science , you have a lots options like M.C.A , M.B.A , M.Sc , M.Sc(IT) and other computer course and diploma course also .

    Apart from these course , you can also apply for SCRA exam , CDS Exam , Civil Service , IFS , CRF Exam ,RRB , SSC , Bank Exam and your state examination also .

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