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    List all subjects of AMIE (Civil Engineering) course.

    hello sir/mam
    can you give me a list of amie subjects(civil)?

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    Re: List all subjects of AMIE (Civil Engineering) course.

    what can we do after class 10th xam

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    Re: List all subjects of AMIE (Civil Engineering) course.

    subjects of amie civil engineering course:

    compulsory subjects:

    engineering management ,civil engineering material and construction practices,geo technical and foundation engineering,water resouces systems,principals of geo informatics,analysis and design of structures.

    optional subjects:
    group 1 structural engineering
    advanced structural analysis,design of rcc and pre stressed concrete structures ,structural dynamics,seismic design of structures
    group 2 environmental engineering
    group 3 infrastructure and urban development
    group 1 thermal engineering
    group 2 engineering design
    group 3 manufacture engineering

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    sai sirisha
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    Re: List all subjects of AMIE (Civil Engineering) course.

    hi friends..
    A.M.I.E is associate member of institute of engineers in civil engineering
    A.M.I.E civil engineering duration is 2 years
    It is equivalent to the B.E \b.tech
    when we completed A.M.I.E civil engineering we can eligible for appearing GATE entrance examination for M.E\M.TECH
    the following are the subjects of AMIE (civil engineering) course:
    1:engineering management
    2:civil engineering materials and construction practices
    3: geo-technical and foundation engineering
    4:water resources system
    5rinciples of geo_informatics
    6:analysis and design of structurs
    the above are the compulsory subjects
    we are also having optional subjects

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    Re: List all subjects of AMIE (Civil Engineering) course.

    My dear friend here is the list of all subjects in AMIE is this as given below -:

    1. Structural analysis - the best books of this subjects are of S. Ramamurtham

    2. Design of steel structure - the books of best quality are ( S. Ramamurtham , DR. B.C. Punmia , S.K. Duggal )

    3. Soil mechanics - K.R. Arora , B. C. punmia

    4. Geo-technology - K.R. Arora , B. C. punmia

    5. design of concrete structure - Dr. B.C. Punmia , S. ramamurtham

    6. Fluid mechanics - R.K. Bansal

    7. Transportation and highway engineering - K.S. Justo

    8. Hydrology - P.N. Modi

    9. Irrigation engineering - P.N. Modi

    10. water supply engineering - S.K. Garg

    11. water resources and supply engineering

    12. mathematics - B.S. Grewal

    These are the main technical books which are studied in civil engineering .

    Thanks have a nice day .

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    Re: List all subjects of AMIE (Civil Engineering) course.

    Compulsory Subjects

    Engineering Management
    Civil Engineering Materials and Construction Practices
    Geo-technical and Foundation Engineering
    Water Resources Systems
    Principles of Geo-informatics
    Analysis and Design of Structures

    Optional Subjects (Any three from any one Group)

    Group I Structural Engineering

    Advanced Structural Analysis
    Design of RCC and Pre-stressed Concrete Structures
    Design of Steel Structures
    Structural Dynamics
    Seismic Design of Structures

    Group II Environmental Engineering

    Principles of Environmental Engineering
    Environmental Engineering Processes and Management
    Air Pollution and Its Control
    Design of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems
    Waste Management and Environmental Impact Assessment

    Group III Infrastructure and Urban Development

    Transportation Engineering
    Traffic and Transportation Systems
    Town Planning and Urban Development
    Design of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems
    Construction Management Systems

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    Re: List all subjects of AMIE (Civil Engineering) course.

    You are doing very very very bad with me my ans. Of subjects in AMIE in civil is much better than this peson gopani because i am also doing now civil engg. I know more about it i have given subjects and writer name of that book that is best method if a person ask you that what are subjects of 12th then you will say as math english or you will define that what is history of india at that time you cant do that because history is very vast you will only tell only subjects this peson can be seen my ans. And have improve some in it . I am so sad about your lack of knoledge about i am giving better ans. For every question but you doing bad with me with every ans. Now mx ans. Are better than before while you are doing this with me i will come to your office special for this when i will come delhi for my summer training i would like to talk you then frequently my dear sir thank you i am so sad of you with you

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