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    Is it legal to earn money through this forum (EALP)? Will this come under freelancing?

    I have a doubt regarding this forum...
    Is it legal to earn money through this forum (EALP)?

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    Re: Is it legal to earn money through this forum (EALP)? Will this come under freelancing?

    Hello Dude......

    EALP(Earn and Learn Program)-
    This is one of the most Legal and which is secure site for getting the money and this site is helping and it helps the candidates from many years through supporting the candidates who are participating them financially and also at the same time this site also provides the insight with the good knowledge about the examinations and the procedures of the examinations and also every thing which are happening around you.....

    This EALP is going to launch more sights in the coming years and also the name it self indicates that EALP means Earn and Learn Program.This EALP includes many of the sites with in it and you can register for free and if you perform well in these sites then according to your performance and the quality of your answers you will be awarding the money every month and it is very legal to earn and learn through this EALP as there are a lots of members who are participating in this program and can earn money and the learn through this site.....
    some of the sites of the EALP are........
    *Windows Discussions
    *Professional Queries
    These are the different sites which are included in the EALP...........

    At first in order to get in to this site you need o register for free and then after registering then you need to answer the queries which are asked by the different members and if your answers quality will be good then you can get good rank with in the prize amounts then you can earn the money through this site........

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    Re: Is it legal to earn money through this forum (EALP)? Will this come under freelancing?


    EALP Stands for Earn and Learn Program.

    EALP is Legal and Valid Program. we can EARN money with Knowledge help of EALP. EALP is not Bogus website.
    there are many bogus websites available on Internet. these sites advertise that they will pay you for just sending messages or viewing ads or many other types.
    we have to think that why they will pay us for just sending messages or viewing ads. These sites are purely fake. EALP is fake proof website. EALP gives us Knowledge and money.
    Many students pay fee of schools or college from EALP Money. EALP is not just providing money and knowledge. EALP Provide study, career. Many students ask their career queries and members of EALP gives right options.
    EALP Work as Career & knowledge providing site. EALP Have many websites for different sectors. Generally EALP Sites are Called Forums.
    EALP Starts before 3 years ago and now-a-days it is very reputed. Many peoples work on EALP and they earn money and knowledge. EALP is not a source of money it is also knowledge provide source.
    EALP Gives you full details about any exam, result, college, career options. many peoples ask their queries and members gives answers.
    EALP Launched many Forums for many Types of Queries. If you have problem with your career/i phones/consumer queries many EALP Launches forums for these types of queries.

    Here is the list of EALP Forums =>


    Many more...

    you can get full details of EALP on Official Website:

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