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    Job prospects after BBA?

    hello sir/mam
    After bba in future job

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    Ridhi Guglani
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    Re: Job prospects after BBA?

    Bachelor of Business
    Administration (BBA) is 3 years
    under graduate degree level course
    in in Business management.
    If you want to do job right after bba then you will not get jobs at higher posts.
    so i would suggest you to first complete your masters which will open more job oppurtunities for you...

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    Re: Job prospects after BBA?

    Friend first of all i would suggest you to go for the master course like MBA or MCA then only you go for any job sectors because nowadays jobs are offered to those who have done master after their bachelor studies but if you wish to work after doing BBA then these are some jobs sectors which you can go for after BBA.

    1) Banking jobs
    2) consultancy jobs
    3) government jobs
    4) jobs in private sectors
    5) journalism
    6) Mass communication
    7) can also run a business of your own.

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    Re: Job prospects after BBA?

    Hi friend...BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) graduates can find jobs in the sales and marketing divisions of organisations as members of sales teams or as management trainees...Some of the career options for BBA graduates are as business consultants,finance managers,management accountants,marketing managers,business administration researchers etc...BBA students can pursue Master's in Business Administration(MBA)...ALL THE BEST...

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