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    Job opportunities in Human Resources department?

    i want to know about the jobs in human resources

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    vikash kumar prajapati
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    Re: Job opportunities in Human Resources department?

    Human Resource Department basically maintain co-ordination between company and workers for the particular organization.For becoming a Human Resource Professional ,You should have the following quality :-.

    ~Ability to understand the problem of Employees.
    ~Marinating Friendship environment between employees.
    ~Excellent analytical skills.
    ~Good communication skills.
    ~Strong Knowledge of Business.

    You will able to work as :-

    ~You will able to work as top tier Manager.
    ~You will also able to work as Add Promoter.
    ~You will able to work as Market Analyst.
    ~You will able to work as CEO(Chief Executive Officer).
    ~You will able to work as Carrer development and Training Officer.

    Works that will be performed by you :-
    ~Development and Implementation of Business strategy.
    ~Act as an Advocate for Employees to Management.
    ~Developing strategies for optimal use of Resources.
    ~You will also look for Supply chain Management process for the Organization.

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    Re: Job opportunities in Human Resources department?

    Hi aspirant,

    Human Resource commonly most popularly known as manpower of a company has been the pillars behind the success of an organisation.

    HR Professional of any company are involved in the recruiting, training, salary administration of personnels working under that company. It is one of the highly competitive profession in the field of management.

    Their main focus is on all the activities relating to their training, coaching, boosting their morale, and assisting employees to maximize their abilities.

    Some of the courses you can opt for are:

    - MBA in Human Resource Management
    - Master of Human Resource Development
    - Master of Human Resource Management
    - Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
    - Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development

    Some of the good Institutions you can join are:

    - Amity Business School, Noida
    - Banglore Management Academy, Karnataka
    - Technology Education and Research Institution, Haryana
    - K.J Somaniya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai
    - IPS Institute, Meerut, UP

    Applicants are admitted in these programmes on the basis aptitude test, group discussion and interview. Most institutes admit candidates on the basis of marks scored in exams like CAT, MAT, XAT etc. and some institutes conduct their own entrance exams.

    Every organisation requires skilled, well trained and highly motivated staff for the growth of the organisation.
    So There are various job opportunities for Human Resource Professionals such as

    - Recruitment manager
    - Employer relation manager
    - Strategic manager and many more.


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