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    Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates?

    Iam a B Sc Electronic graduate and passed out in the year of 2010. from the year of 2010 to current month Iam searching for a job related to my education qualification. But i didnt get any job.

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates?

    for electronics so many jobs r there in both gov and in pvt section. u can appear in drdo,isro,bel,or in diferent section or u can prepare for upsc or in force for technicl cadre . for details u can see on www.freshersworld.com in gov job setion of home page.

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates?

    There are many job opportunities for B.Sc (electronics) graduates both in public and private sectors. You can try for jobs both in hardware and software field. You can apply for positions such as software tester, software developer, and design engineer, technical support etc. both private as well as public sector companies. Apart from this, you can apply for government sector jobs by attending the UPSC and SSC exams. This will help you to apply for jobs in Telecom, civil services, defense sector, Railways etc. Banking jobs is also a good option and you can apply for posts such as PO, Clerk etc. You should attend the bank recruitment exams. Public sector companies such as SAIL, NTPC, ONGC, BHEL etc also call in for qualified candidates for technical positions.

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates?

    [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]Hello![/COLOR]
    Bsc electronics has very good scope. Science is an internationally accepted and applied discipline. Having a bachelors degree in Science, aspirants can pursue advanced studies, work or travel in any parts of the world.The graduation program in Science prepares and equips B.Sc. holders for progressively more multi-disciplinary science career opportunities.
    Wherever B.Sc. students are working, in ultramodern research laboratories or in the functional sciences, their extensiveness of knowledge about the sciences and specific specialization by way of a major will place them in the best position to do extremely well in their chosen occupation.

    Bachelor of Science JOBS:>>In addition to the scientific sector jobs, Science graduates can get employed in non-scientific sectors also. However, little training is required to work in these fields. B.Sc. holders can work in the relevant fields in Science and Technology, in which they are specialized. They can seek out for career in research laboratories, Government corporations, banking and finance sector and so on. Apart from this, science graduates can also find jobs in IT industry, business, BPO, marketing, technical writing and so on.
    Employment Areas

    Agriculture Industry.
    Testing Laboratories.
    Forensic Crime Research.
    Wastewater Plants.
    Environmental Management and Conservation.
    Food Institutes.
    Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry.
    Research Firms
    Forest Services.
    Geological Survey Departments.
    Health Care Providers.
    Industrial Laboratories.
    Oil Industry.
    Biotechnology Firms.
    Chemical Industry.
    Educational Institutes.
    Seed and Nursery Companies.
    Space Research Institutes.
    Wildlife and Fishery Departments.
    >>You can also try for government and state level jobs.

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates?

    Now, What you must do is go for M.Sc Electronics. This will give better hold on your subject and better chances for jobs. Today there are numerous people who are graduates, many among them secure 1st class. So today Master degree has become very essential. Since by now you ahve a year gap of around 2 years many MNC may not allow this.
    If you don't want to do M.Sc then you can sit for IBPS exams by logging into www.IBPS.in. You can also go for school service commission. But this will get you primary school jobs(government). If you have have inclination for teaching jobs then I would ask you to go for SSC over Banking jobs.

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates?

    i have completed my b.sc electronic science in 2012 .. im looking for a job in electronics field.. tell me the companies which is hiring b.sc electronics..

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates?

    hello i am senthilkumar i have complided bsc., electronics in year2012 from goverment college in paramakudi.(ramnad-dist)tamilnadu.please help me my carier.any vaccancs please call me contact no 9962303227.

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates?


    These are the following Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates-------------------------------------

    1.Research Firms
    2.Forest Services
    3.Forensic Crime Research
    4.Agriculture Industry
    5.Industrial Laboratories
    6.Food Institutes
    7.Educational Institutes
    8.Space Research Institutes

    Hope this will be helpful.

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates?

    Iam Bsc Electronics student what is the qualification required to enter in the field of space Research Institutes and Educational Institutes?

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.Sc(Electronics) graduates?

    i am 2nd yr student of bsc. I am confused between phy & electronics to select my special subject.
    plz help me

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