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    Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?

    Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?

    Dear Friend,

    Mechanical Engineers are required in all manufacturing facilities.

    You, as a B.E. ( Mechanicial) Graduate have wide opportunities the following fields of industries:

    ●Manufacturing, Power Plants,

    ● Automobile

    ● Aeronautics

    ● Fabrication

    ● Design etc.,

    If you are a beginner in Mechanical Engineering then you can opt for various job openings such as:

    ● Maintenance Engineer,

    ● Safety Engineer,

    ● Quality Assurance,

    ● CNC Programmer,

    ● Jr Engineer,

    ● Design Engineer,

    ● CAD/CAM Trainer,

    ● Production Supervisor/Engineer,

    ● R & D trainee.

    Salary can be starting from Rs. 10000 to 20000, depending upon your knowledge from which institute you did your B.E.(Mechanical) .

    With experience and time salary increases.
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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?

    Hi Dude......

    B.E in Mechanical Engineering:
    Bachelor of Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering is also one of the under graduate degree course available after completing the 10+2 class and this degree course mainly deals with the design of structures, operations,maintenance of mechanical systems,They mainly design the automobiles,trucks,airplanes,trains,space vehicles,etc....
    The mechanical Engineering provides solid foundation in many fields,there are also higher studies which are available after the bachelor degree program.Mechanical Engineers apply new scientific techniques for the designing of the machines etc,and which provides opportunity for the problem solving in the real world problems....
    There are many opportunities available for the mechanical Engineers in both the private and also in the public sectors.With the expansion of the industrial sector there are lots of employment opportunities for the mechanical engineering,there is always rapid growth for them with the advent of new technologies.......
    There are many companies which are available and which recruit the Mechanical Engineers,there are many companies which recruits the mechanical engineers.some of the companies which are related to the mechanical engineering are....
    *Steel Plant
    *Power Plants
    *Civil Services
    These are some of the companies or the work areas which are related to the government sector of the jobs for the mechanical engineering graduates......
    There are many work areas as per the private and also public fields for the mechanical engineering Graduates.....
    some of the related fields are...
    Power Plants
    space work fields
    Oil Explorations fields
    Armed forces
    These are some of the fields of work areas for the mechanical engineering Graduates,there are also many higher studies available for the B.E Mechanical engineering students.....
    some of the higher study options available are

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    Sumit P
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    Re: Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?


    there are huge opprtunities in electrical after diploma.*Indian enginnering service(IES)
    *Indian telephone services-BSNL/MTNL
    *Indian oil corporation-HPCL/IPCL/BPCL...
    *Power sector-NTPC/NHPC
    *Indian railways

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?

    You will find opportunities in both private and public sector. You can apply for jobs in manufacturing plants, drilling and mining industry, petroleum companies, automobile companies, aeronautical companies etc. They can work as consultants in various companies too. In the public sector opportunities you can appear for the IES exam or PSU exams. You will also find opportunities in the railways. There are opportunities in defense field for which you can appear for the CDS exam. You can decide based on your interests.

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?

    After doing B.E in Mechanical Engineering, students can find large number of opportunities to build in a long term rewarding career.

    The various industries in which you can join after completing B.E in mechanical engineering can work are listed below.

    1. Automobile
    2. Aerospace
    3. Chemical
    4. Communication
    5. Computer
    6. Steel
    7. Power generation industries
    8. Paper

    Government Career

    You can write various government entrance examinations after completing B.E in Mechanical engineering. Some of the governments examinations are that which are conducted by State PSCs, SSC, UPSC, Postal departments, Railway departments, etc.

    The professionals can even apply for various public sector bank officers’ examination.

    You can even write exams of Indian Air Force, defense sector, etc. Another option for the professionals is to take up jobs in various government universities and colleges

    You can find a lot of opportunities in various public sector firms.

    Some of the public sector firms recruiting Mechanical Engineers are listed below.

    1. ONGC
    2. DRDO
    3. SAIL
    4. NTPC
    5. VSSC
    6. ISRO
    7. IOC

    As a fresher, the professionals can join as Junior Engineers. Gradually they can go up in positions of Assistant Executive Engineers and so on with experience.

    Private Sector :

    Private sector companies offer large number of opportunities for the mechanical graduates.

    You can look for teaching jobs in various private engineering colleges. They can work as consultants in automobile, logistics, and transportation firms. Another option for the graduates is to work in IT firms like Infosys, Wipro, IBM, etc.

    You can find variety of opportunities in power, mining, fertilizer sector as well.

    good luck !!!

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?

    Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools.

    Mechanical engineers work in the automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, communication, paper, and power generation industries.

    B.E(Mechanical) students can do a job in these fields:---

    • engineering,
    • cement industry,
    • steel,
    • power sector,
    • Hydraulics,
    • Manufacturing plants,
    • Drilling and mining Industry,
    • Petroleum,
    • Aeronautical,
    • Biotechnology

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    Re: Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates?


    Job opportunities for B.E(Mechanical) graduates

    4.jr. engineer
    7.production supervisor

    all the best-------------------------------

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