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    Information about courses related to Merchant navy after 10th?

    Information about courses after 10th which are related to merchant navy?

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    Re: Information about courses related to Merchant navy after 10th?

    First thing that you must understand is that you cannot apply for merchant navy just after your high school. You at least need to complete your intermediate so that you are eligible for applying in merchant navy through exams like NDA or directly.
    To apply for the NDA(National Defense Academy) exam the basic requirements are -
    1. Your Age should lie within - 16-19 years.
    2. You should have completed your intermediate with science stream(PCM).
    3. You can also apply for NDA while appearing for 12th.
    4. Height should be above 5 '7.
    5. should not have flat foot.
    6. if you have eye defect, then it should not be more that 2.5(both for short and long sightedness)
    7. You should be unmarried and a male citizen of India.
    8. no tattoos on the body

    If you fulfil these requirements then you can apply for the exam but you still have to wait 1-2 years for this to happen.

    After passing the written exam, you will be called for the SSB interview. During that interview you will be tested for various skills like-
    • presence of mind
    • your reaction to situations
    • discipline
    • group coordination
    • physical fitness
    • leadership
    • mental awareness

    After that a medical test have to be passed(which will be held withing that period of SSB interview only).
    And lastly, if you clear all this, your final interview will be taken by the army officials after which you will allotted the posts as per your score.

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