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IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam Exam Details
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    IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the most prominent higher education institution in India and is known as the place for imparting best technical education. IIT JAM M.Sc Chemistry Entrance Exam is an exciting opportunity for the aspirants who want to pursue their postgraduate course in IIT. Those who qualify this entrance test can get an opportunity to widen their knowledge in Chemistry with world class laboratories and faculty members. Candidates should satisfy all the eligibility requirements specified in the exam notification before applying for the IIT Joint Admission Test (JAM).

    Structure and Pattern of IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    Candidates need to answer objective questions as well as subjective questions. Thirty percent questions will be of objective type while seventy percent will be of subjective type. They should write the answers on the space provided in the question booklet. They wont get any supplementary sheets to write their answers. Four choices will be provided for each objective question with one correct answer. If the candidates choose that correct answer, then they can obtain the maximum marks assigned for that question. Otherwise they will lose 1/3 of that maximum marks. Syllabus specified for this entrance test will include the topics given below.
    • Physical Chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Inorganic Chemistry
    • Analytical Chemistry
    Eligibility Criteria of IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    Those who are applying for IIT JAM M.Sc Chemistry Entrance Exam should have completed graduation with chemistry as one of the subjects. Candidates should not only obtain the concerned degree but also obtain it from a recognized university. Also, the candidates are required to obtain at least 55% marks during their graduation so as to become eligible for the entrance test. Reserved category candidates require only 50% marks for graduation to apply for the entrance test.

    Contact Address of IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam
    • Address: Organizing Chairman, GATE - JAM Office, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, P.O. IIT Powai, Mumbai - 400 076, India
    • Phone Number: 022-25767022, 25767068
    • Fax: 022-25722674
    • E-mail: jam@iitb.ac.in
    • Website: www.iitb.ac.in/jam

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    Re: IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    please send me the solution of previous year entrance exam of IIT JAM Chem (Hons.).

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    Re: IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    what is the examination date of subject chemistry

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    Re: IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    whats the syllabus for entrance examination of chemistry

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    Re: IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    sir,madam i am bio grope student in 12th and i am study in b.sc in chemistry so i can eligibile in m.sc iit in chemistry exam pls reply me i am very confuss

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    Re: IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    Is there any other entrance exam for M.Sc in India other than JAM????

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    Re: IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    Syllabus of IIT-JAM for Chemistry-


    Basic Mathematical Concepts : Differential equations, vectors and matrices.

    Atomic Structure : Fundamental particles. Bohrs theory of hydrogen atom; Wave particle duality; Uncertainty principles; Schrodingers wave equation; Quantum numbers, shapes of orbitals; Hunds rule and Paulis exclusion principle.

    Theory of Gases : Kinetic theory of gases. Maxwell Boltzmann distribution law; Equipartition of energy.

    Chemical Thermodynamics : Reversible and irreversible processes; First law and its application to ideal and non ideal gases; Thermochemistry; Second law; Entropy and free energy, Criteria for spontaneity.

    Chemical and Phase Equilibrium : Law of mass action; Kp, Kc, Kx and Kn; Effect of temperature on K; Ionic equilibria in solutions; pH and buffer solutions; Hydrolysis; Solubility product; Phase equilibria Phase rule and its application to one component and two component systems; Colligative properties.

    Electrochemistry : Conductance and its applications; Transport number; Galvanic cells; EMF and Free energy; Concentration cells with and without transport; Polarography.

    Chemical Kinetics : Reactions of various order, Arrhenius equation, Collision theory; Theory of absolute reaction rate; Chain reactions Normal and branched chain reactions; Enzyme kinetics; photochemical processes; Catalysis.


    Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry : Isomerism and nomenclature, electronic ( resonance and inductive ) effects. Optical isomerism in compounds containing one and two asymmetric centers, designation of absolute configuration, conformations of cyclohexanes.

    Organic Reaction Mechanism and Synthetic Applications : Methods of preparation and reactions of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, arenes and their simple functional derivatives. Mechanism and synthetic applications of electrophilic aromatic substitution. Stereochemistry and mechanism of aliphatic nucleophilic substitution and elimination reactions.

    Diels Alder reactions, Wittig Reactions, Mechanism of aldol condensation, Claisen condensation, esterification and ester hydrolysis, Cannizzaro reaction, benzoin condensation. Perkin reaction, Claisen rearrangement, Beckmann rearrangement and Wagner Meerwein rearrangement. Synthesis of simple molecules using standard reactions of organic chemistry. Grignard reagents, acetoacetic and malonic ester chemistry.

    Introduction to the following classes of compounds alkaloids, terpenes, carbohydrates, amino acids, peptides and nucleic acids.

    Heterocyclic Chemistry :
    Furans, thiophenes, pyrrols and pyridines.

    Qualitative Organic Analysis :
    Functional group interconversions, structural problems using chemical reactions, identification of functional groups by chemical tests.

    Periodic Table : Periodic classification of elements and periodicity in properties; general methods of isolation and purification of elements.

    Chemical Bonding and Shapes of Compounds : Types of bonding; VSEPR theory and shapes of molecules; hybridization; dipole moment; ionic solids; structure of NaCl, CsCl, diamond and graphite; lattice energy.

    Main Group Elements ( s and p blocks ) : Chemistry with emphasis on group relationship and gradation in properties; structure of electron deficient compounds of main group elements and application of main group elements.

    Transition Metals ( d block ) : Characteristics of 3d elements; oxide, hydroxide and salts of first row metals; coordination complexes; VB and Crystal Field theoretical approaches for structure, colour and magnetic properties of metal complexes. Ligands with back bonding capabilities; molecular orbital theory approaches to explain bonding in metal carbonyl and metal phosphine complexes.

    Analytical Chemistry : Principles of qualitative and quantitative analysis; acid base, oxidation reduction and EDTA and precipitation reactions; use of indicators; use of organic reagents in inorganic analysis; radioactivity; nuclear reactions; applications of isotopes.

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    Re: IIT JAM M.Sc in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    I am a first year student in bsc chemistry in kerala university.how can i prepare for it?

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