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    Is ICWAI foundation course optional or theory?

    Is icwai foundation course is opitonal or theory

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    Re: Is ICWAI foundation course optional or theory?

    Dear friend,

    ICWAI foundation course theory. syllabus are as follows

    Section I : Organization 30%

    1. Nature and Functional Areas of Organization 10%
    Organizational structures.
    Functional areas of business and their operations
    Activities of different functions
    Formal & informal organizations: principles of organizations
    Criteria for grouping
    2. Schools of Organizational theory 10%
    Classical, behavioural and systems
    Current trend and approaches
    Behaviour in organizations
    Role of behavioural science
    3. Organizational Management 10%
    Objectives ( missions, goals and targets)
    Conflicts between objectives
    Appropriate strategy formulation
    Determinants of culture
    Different models available for categorizing cultures
    Different models of organizational model management available to achieve goal congruence.
    Section II : Management 70%

    4. Human resource management 20%
    Human resource plan
    Human issues relating to recruitment, dismissal, retirement and redundancy
    Activities of different functions
    Models of Human Behaviour and Motivation and its applications (Taylor, McGregor, Maslow, Hertzberg etc).
    Training & development.
    Development and design of reward system
    5. Management of Relationship 20%
    Process of Management covering planning, organizing, staffing, directing, motivating, communicating and control
    Concept of power, authority, responsibility and delegation
    Characteristics of leaders and managers
    Management Style theories
    Contingency approach
    6. Management of Change 15%
    Stages & Process of Management change
    Structural change & Cultural change
    Approaches to the management of organizational development
    Importance of managing critical period of change
    Ways of handling these periods of change
    7. Pattern of Management 15%
    Broad policies and functions
    Structural pattern of Board of Directors.
    Concept of public sector, social objectives, public sector management
    Current management thoughts

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