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    I have cleared NET in Human Resources management, Labour welfare and industrial relations. I would like to become a lecturer (Preferably in govt/aided colleges). To which courses will I be eligible to teach? Can I teach MBA(HR)?What are pay packages?

    Dear all
    I am a M.A.HRM fresher.I have cleared net in Human resources management,Labour welfare and industrial relations.I would like to become a lecturer(preferably in a govt/aided college)

    1.Pls tell me which courses am i eligible to teach?can i teach M.B.A (HR),as my curriculum is the same?

    2.I think no govt/aided college has M.B.A or M.A.HRM.So is there any way that i can still hope for a govt lecturer job?

    3.If not what is the pay that i can expect from private colleges/universities and the courses that i can apply to become a lecturer?

    I would appreciate quick rpy..thank you..

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