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    How will a robot climb on the wall?

    hello sir/madam
    how a robot climb on the wall?

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    Re: How will a robot climb on the wall?

    Hello Friend !!

    How will a Robot climb on the wall ?

    Robots Climbing Walls uses Taguchi methodology.

    Robots can Climb a Wall at Minimum Speed of 15m/min.

    A Robot uses Tracked Wheels with Suction pads are inserted on to them.

    When each tracked wheel rotates, the suction pads which attach vertically plane are activated in sequence by specially designed mechanical valves.

    This required a Power of 2 volts per minute.

    The Controls are handled manually using Remote Control.

    The remote control used was a Hitec Laser 6 (has 6 channels), each channel controlled each servo individually.

    The driver skill can significantly affect robot performance.

    Look at here :

    All the Best !!

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