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    How will be my future if I opt Arts in 11th standard?

    sie if i take arts in 11th standered after 10th pass then what will be my future

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    Re: How will be my future if I opt Arts in 11th standard?


    You have many carrier options after joining Arts as carrier SUCH AS:

    2. Counselor
    3. Economist
    4. Market analyst
    5. Sociologist
    6. Social Worker
    7. Historian
    8. Anthropologist
    9. Human Resources
    10. Personal Executive
    11. Public Relation Personnel
    12. Writer/Editor
    13. Media Personnel


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    Dev Aditya
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    Re: How will be my future if I opt Arts in 11th standard?

    hello friend,
    i am giving you the list of of the courses after intermediate in arts......... you can go for any course of your choice

    1.Acting Courses in India

    2.Air Ticketing Course India

    3.Animation Courses in India

    4.Architecture Courses India

    5.Audio Visual Media Course

    6.Aviation Courses in India

    7.Beautician Courses India

    8.BPO Course

    9.Commercial Pilot Courses

    10.Consultancy Courses India

    11.Counseling Courses India

    12.Cyber Law Course in India

    13.Dance Courses in India

    14.Entrepreneurship Courses

    15.Event Management Courses

    16. Fashion Design Courses

    17.Foreign Language Courses

    18. Hotel Management in India

    19.Mass Communication India

    20..Modeling Courses in India

    21.Teacher Training in India

    22.Travel and Tourism Courses

    23.Online Psychology Degree

    24.Law Degree

    with all these you can also go for civil sevices examination as q in civil services are generally asked from arts subjects only..... so u will get a great help.......

    best of luck....

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    Re: How will be my future if I opt Arts in 11th standard?

    Friend , you can opt arts in 11th standard as its scope is also wide. After 12th you can go for simple graduation like B.A. or some professional course like BBA, BCA. After BA you can also do MBA. You can prepare for UPSC exam. You can go in defence, also can go in teaching line by doing B.Ed after B.A.

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    Re: How will be my future if I opt Arts in 11th standard?

    Dear Friend , your thinking is quite good as Arts and commerce are the two subjects which has the highest scopes for students like you to get jobs. Also, As You want to opt for arts for your HSC , then here are the few bright job opportunities in Arts Stream :

    1) IN Banking Sectors
    2) After Completing Hsc , you can pursue BBA Or BCA as after getting Masters Degree In These two , a very bright future is garanteed.
    3)You can prepare for UPSC Exams.
    4) Also You Can have Jobs in Many New But rapidly increasing job sectors like :

    a) animation
    b) automobile
    c) Defence services
    d) Fashion Technology and many more.

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    Vikas hrc
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    Re: How will be my future if I opt Arts in 11th standard?

    Hi friend..
    Arts is an excellent stream ,this programme provides you the flexible degree,the main aim of this programme is to provide you the practical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge required to be the leaders of tomorrow , the skills what you will achieve through your degree you have to put in different jobs, this programme provides you the various skills like

    Communication skills,
    problem-solving skills,
    critical thinking,
    and interpersonal understanding.

    Eligibility :-
    You must have 10+2 with 40% of marks to get eligible for this programme,

    the bachelor of arts provides a broad flexible education,many employers ,especially in large organisations ,look for the people with the skills ,
    an arts degree provides some of the specialized areas of study lead to careers in specific fields such as psychology,

    · linguistics,
    · or languages.
    · other career opportunities exits in: administration,
    · advertising,
    · art galleries and museums,
    · consulting,
    · consumer affairs,
    · cultural organisations,
    · diplomatic and trade services,
    · education,
    · environmental protection and management,
    · event co-ordination,
    · film and television,
    · finance,
    · foreign affairs,
    · fundraising,
    · government,
    · human resource management,
    · marketing,
    · media and entertainment,
    · politics,
    · public affairs,
    · public relations,
    · publishing and research,
    · real estate,
    · retail etc...
    specializations like
    · designers,
    · fashion technology,
    · testily designers,
    · accessory/jewelry ,
    · interior and exterior designers,
    · fine arts,
    · cartoonist,
    · photography,
    · print journalism,
    · mass communication,
    · film making,
    · advertising,
    · public relations,

    According to your knowledge you will get various placements in various agencies ,
    You have to put up your skills and practise well for this programme,
    I hope you are satisfied with the information.
    If you have any doubt,leave your message here.
    Best of luck.

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    Re: How will be my future if I opt Arts in 11th standard?

    hi! sir/mam just now I have complete my 10th board and as I want to make my career in computer animation scope so what subjects should I choose in arts in 11th class?

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