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    How will be the IT Industry in Hyderabad in 2013?

    i want know the IT market status in the coming year?
    whether it will be good or not?

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    Lightbulb Re: How will be the IT Industry in Hyderabad in 2013?

    Hello folks,

    >> We can not differentiate IT industry by the places, if IT industry is good every where in India it will be the same, similarly if the IT sector is not good, it will effects all places in India.

    >> Anyhow as usually when we consider south India, Bangalore is having more number of IT companies than any other city in Southern part of India, by considering that some people will differentiate requirement based on place, thats not correct, when companies are more, more opportunities are there

    >> Coming to the point, many MNC companies are recruiting less no.of people through campus placements from last year, more over the one who got job last year are still waiting for appointment, so these tells that now the industry is not that good,

    >> So in 2013 also IT industry might suffer little bit. but never differentiate with places, if industry is not good effect will be every where

    All the best

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