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    How to be updated with banking news/affairs?

    Plz tell me how to prepare banking awarenes.jo day to day update hoti hai banking sector main wo kaise pata kare

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    Re: How to be updated with banking news/affairs?


    There are various ways through which you can update yourself with all the latest happening in the Banking world. It is a necessary thing for all those candidate who want to make a career in Bank field as now a almost all the Banks asks about the Banking awareness question in their recruitment process.

    The ways you can get the latest Banking updates are :-

    1. Internet :- Dear it is the best way to get all the latest update related to Banks and corporate sector. Do one thing whenever you start your internet then go to Google homepage there you will find a link of News just ahead of the G-mail Link just click on that and after that from the left hand panel select the Business and all the latest update will be yours. You can even subscribe to the RSS feed so that you can get all the news in your Inbox

    2. Magazines :- Read more and more Magazines like Fortune, India Today as they have ample news which will help you in your preparation.

    3. Journals :- Journals are often Published in the Month and you can buy that and study them to increase your knowledge

    Other ways :-

    Read Books
    Newspaper like Economic times and the Business paper will help you more
    watch Business news

    Hope it will help


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    Re: How to be updated with banking news/affairs?

    you can visit some websites like:
    yes we can
    www.bankexam com.
    in this we can go and update what we want and there are many other............

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