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    How to start my civils preparation right from basics on wards ?

    if i want to start the preparation of civils service examination. how to start in the way of reading from basics onwards..

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    Re: How to start my civils preparation right from basics on wards ?

    hiee friend,

    You are often at a loss when faced with the extensive syllabus of Mains exam.

    you should be objective and try to focus on about 70% of the syllabus instead of being over ambitious and trying to cover the whole syllabus.

    The next thing to be kept in mind is the choice of study material. It is a wise option to just refer to few standard books to get an deep understanding of the subject. Reading from too many books will do more harm than good.

    Lastly it is good to be selective while preparing for a given topic, to list out all the important points and the relevant information in a logical framework.

    It is important to remember that studying for the exam involves Purposeful reading which is basically reading with a certain focus on the given topic and preparing for the possible questions accordingly.

    Before starting on any topic, it is a wise move to go through the questions asked in the past about the given topic and jot down the probable questions for the current year

    periodical revision will help in the long run as it will ensure that it increases your understanding, improves and enhances your memory, and makes you more confident so that you give your best performance.

    Try to be perfect in these topics :
    General Studies
    Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
    Civil Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Indian History
    Mechanical Engineering
    Medical Science
    Political Science
    Public Administration

    Hope this post is useful for your IAS preparation. all the best !!!

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    Re: How to start my civils preparation right from basics on wards ?


    For preparing Civils you have have put one important thing in your mind is that the time between the main exam and the declaration of result of the preliminary exam is very less you need to begin preparations of the main exam along with the preliminary exam.

    General studies paper covers:

    General Science:Current events of national and international importance,History of india,World Geography,Indian Polity and Economy,Indian National Movement,General Mental Ability.

    For this section it is important to be updated in all fields.
    For History,Economy,Polity etc you need to read class 11 and 12 books published by the NCERT
    Freedom struggle by National Book Trust
    For general Knowledge and Objective-Type questions by O.P.Khanna
    For General Mental Ability and Current Affairs you need to read The Competition Master regularly.

    The choice of Optional subject for paper II has to be done carefully.
    You should plan in such a way that your main goal is on main examination
    The preparation for prelims should be in such a way that getting good grasp of the subject and the effort you kept should not be waste after prelims

    For general studies you need to cover:
    >Current Affairs national and International
    >Indian polity
    >Indian Economy
    >Geography of India
    >Science and Technology
    >History of India and Freedom Movement
    >Study of Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi,Jawaharlal Nehru and Rabindranath Tagore
    >Statistics and General Mathematics Ability

    The text-Books for classes IX,X,XI and XII should be gone through.
    You need to make notes of every thing you read on your own.
    Your answers must be little bit different from others and must have the extra bit that is missed out by others

    Good Luck.

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    Re: How to start my civils preparation right from basics on wards ?

    Hello friend !!

    Civil Service Examinations :

    Indian Administrative Service
    India Foreign Service
    Indian Police Service

    These Exams are conducted and handled by Union Public Service Commission(UPSC).

    This is Exam is conducted in two modes .

    1. Preliminary Examination to select for the Main Examination

    2. Main Examination (Written) for the selection of Qualified students for interview for a Personality Test.

    Next is Interview i.r Personality Test.

    Exam Pattern :

    Preliminary Examination Details :

    Paper I : 200 Marks & Exam Duration is 2 Hours
    Paper II : 200 Marks % Exam Duration is 2 Hours

    Main Examinations Details :

    Paper I :- Qualifying Paper 300 Marks
    Paper II: English (Qualifying Paper) 300 Marks
    Paper III: Essay 200 Marks
    Paper IV & V: General Studies (300 marks for each paper) 600 Marks
    Paper VI, VII, VIII & IX :- 300 marks for each paper 1200 Marks

    Total Marks 2000 Marks.

    Syllabus for the Examination

    General Studies, compulsory paper for all aspirants.

    Current events of national and international importance
    History of India and Indian National Movement
    Indian and World Geography - Physical, Social, Economic geography of India and the World.
    Indian Polity and Governance Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy,Rights Issues, etc.
    Economic and Social Development Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector Initiatives, etc.
    General issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change - that do not require subject specialization
    General Science

    Aptitude Syllabus :

    Interpersonal skills including communication skills;
    Logical reasoning and analytical ability
    Decision making and problem solving
    General mental ability

    Tips for Preparation :

    Firstly Look at the Syllabus I have mentioned above.

    Secondly, you must prepare a Schedule into which you must cent percent involved and you must be Sincere.

    Next comes to your selection of Optional Subjects in the Examination.

    Be very particular about the subject you choose for prelims.

    Select the subjects in which you are familiar and good enough to solve.

    NOTE : Maths, Physics, Geology etc., optionals for Prelims must be opted .

    If you are good enough in Finance, then take coaching for the Civils .

    And G.K. will definitely helps you in your prelims.

    Reading newspapers, watching TV news and of course quiz shows like KBC will help you.

    If you are reading any Book, Underline and Highlight the important notes, which will help you while reading it at second time or more.

    This type of practice will make you Confident in appearing for the examination.

    Books to Refer per Topic wise :

    History: NCERT books of class XI and XII, Freedom Struggle (published by National Book Trust)

    Geography: Class XII books of Geography (NCERT), a good atlas.

    Indian Polity: Introduction to the Indian Constitution.

    Indian Economy: NCERT and other books on Evolution of the Indian Economy.

    General Science: NCERT books on science, a science magazine or newspaper supplements on science.

    Current Events: A national newspaper, The Competition Master, newsmagazines.

    General Mental Ability: Quantitative Aptitude published in The Competition Master.

    Good Luck !!

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