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    How to speak good english in interviews?

    How to speak good english in interviews?

    thank you..

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    Re: How to speak good english in interviews?

    In today's time of competition and expression ,english can fetch you a great job. Fluent and impressive English with good command of vocabulary can make you earn a high paying job.
    You can develop the habit of conversing in english at your home, with your friends, reading english newspaper, listen to english news and even think in english. It will give you confidence and command over the language and will improve your expressing power which is essential in an interview.

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    Re: How to speak good english in interviews?

    Hello My dear friend,

    To speak good English in Interviews,you should be good in communication skills and your verbal skills are also to be good.

    You have to more active so that you speak well in Interviews.Your confidence level should be high so that you can speak well.

    Your face expressions should be good,you have to maintain the eye contact with the interviewer so that you feel good during the time of interview.

    Your grammar,preposition should be correct so that you can speak with the right pronunciation and then you explain in the good manner.

    Thank u!!

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    Re: How to speak good english in interviews?

    hi friend,

    for speaking good english in the interviews you need to follow the steps below.

    1.always study phrases,not individual words

    2.do not study grammar rules.follow them

    3.listen first

    4.only use real english conversations

    5.use listen and answer stories

    6.read newspapers

    7.read novels

    8.try to think in english

    9.practice mock interviews

    10.try to be confident

    hope the information is helpful for you
    all the best
    regardss srilekha

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    Re: How to speak good english in interviews?

    Dear Friend,

    For speaking good in the interviews you will have to improve your English as well as communication skill...

    For improving communication skill , you will have to improve the English speaking first..

    Because in the every thing is depends on the communication skill.

    start with your english language...

    Make in perfect with the grammer.

    try to speak with the proper grammer..

    then practice the words meaning and sentence with many english speaking book which is one of the most valuable book like Rapidax book ...

    then improve your english in communication.

    Make a big confidence to talk in english..

    After you can talk in english then try to make the improvement in the way of communication.

    you can read the 7c's of communication.

    The main things you will have to maintain in the interview session that talk with the confidence..

    And don't make fear with any question.

    Thank You!!!

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    Re: How to speak good english in interviews?

    You can not learn English in a one day, if you want to learn English in a better way then you have to speak regularly with your friends circle, Regular practice will helps you to speak english in a fluent way. So try to speak english regularly with your friends or with your family members as well as relatives. In now a days, to speak in english is very necessary, so please read english newspapers, watch english movies and watch english News channels.

    The main aim is to learn and collect new words because if you have a good collection of words then definitely you will be able to speak english in front of any company. If you do not have a good collection, then you cannot convert your feelings into english. So better to collect new words from newspaper and if you don't know the meaning then please search from the dictionary.

    If you try by own in your daily schedule then definitely you will learn english in a better and understanding way.

    There are many english institutes are also there, you can also join the same if you don't have such environment. In institutes you will get good environment and they also prepared your for Interviews and GD's.

    If you think that you will not be able to express your feelings at the time of interview then please changed yourself and join some best institutes, they eradicate your all weakness. And always read the english newspaper in your daily schedule, it will helps a lot and you will learn new words, which helps more to learn english.

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    Re: How to speak good english in interviews?


    The Speaking good English the following steps like ::
    -->> read newspapers

    -->> do not study grammar rules.follow them

    -->> listen first

    -->> always study phrases,not individual words

    -->> use listen and answer stories

    -->> read novels

    -->> try to think in English

    -->> only use real English conversations

    -->> try to be confident

    -->> practice mock interviews

    All the best..............................

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