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    How to speak in english fluently?

    I want to learn english so fluent.and want to talk in this language.also crunnetly i am a student of m.a in english.but my english fluent is very bik(low).so please tell me, how can i learn english.

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    Re: How to speak in english fluently?

    Hi friend,
    There are many ways to improve your english.
    - Firstly when you are inside class, try to interact with your fellow students in english only.
    - Make a habbit to read the english news papers daily.
    - Try to write small articles, essays or stories in english. If it is of good quality, then you can publish it on any magazine or news paper etc.
    - You can also join for english speaking course if you wish.
    Moreover, fluency in speaking english is an art which can be gained by good practise.

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    Re: How to speak in english fluently?

    Dear Friend,


    you can speak English fluently.

    First go throughly on grammer.

    do the practice of grammer regularly.

    After that practice the vocabulary.

    do the translation practice regularly.

    After that you will english fluently.

    Thank You!!!

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    Re: How to speak in english fluently?

    hello friend
    fallow the below step to talk english fluently
    1.read english news paper daily
    2.read english novels
    3.watch the english films
    4.watch the english news paper daily
    5.go to silent place talk english on any topic
    i think thise information satisfied you
    all the best..............

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    Re: How to speak in english fluently?

    How to speak in english fluently?

    Sir the only way to learn english for talking fluently is by just reading English newspaper like HINDU and trying to talk and use new words in it in all the ways possible.Like:
    while we are communicating daily with the other persons/when we are attending any calls etc.
    Usually we use our mother tongue instead of that if you try to communicate in english then you can give maximum practice and can increase to a great extent.
    Try what i said for one month and then you can feel the change.

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    Re: How to speak in english fluently?

    you should join near by english speaking academy .If not possible then buy daily any english news paper and read it loudly and concentrate on its words.make interaction with your Friends using more English words.try to participate in group discussions with your frnd and also regularly try to speak on selective topic in isolation or in a room lonely.

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    Re: How to speak in english fluently?

    My dear friend.

    Communication Skills these days is a very essential part of life.

    It is necessary in almost every aspect of life.

    English is a Global Language.

    It is spoken and understood in almost every country of the world.

    So it is really good that you want to learn English.

    The first step towards learning English is listening.

    You need to become a good listener first of all.

    So try listening to English music and watching movies.

    You can add subtitles to movies and check the lyrics of song on the internet.

    Then comes vocabulary.

    The words that you don't understand in movies or in songs try to find them in dictionary.

    That will enhance your vocabulary.

    Then comes reading.

    It is also very essential.

    Try to read English newspaper daily.

    Read it loudly.

    That will help with your fluency.

    The words that you find tough write them down.

    Look for the proper pronunciation.

    Then try to speak them correctly.

    Also this will help you in writing and with your spellings.

    Then comes speaking.

    Try speaking with friends and family in English as much as possible.

    Try speaking to customer care executives and other persons in English.

    That is the only way to get fluent.

    I hope you will find the information helpful.

    Best of Luck.


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