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    How should management improve organizational climate?

    A large unit manufacturing electrical goods which has been known for its liberal personnel
    policies and fringe benefits is facing the problem of low productivity and high absenteeism. How
    should the management improve the organizational climate?

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: How should management improve organizational climate?

    Hi Friend...

    Management is important factor for the organizational growth and there are important factors which are available in the management process and the main factors of management through which it operates are/...
    Leading / directing
    These are the important factors through which the management operates...

    The main and overall role of managers is to attain the organizational growth.management is the act of attaining the goals and accomplishments of shared goals and make effective and efficient goals of the organization...

    All those six rules of management operate to make the organization growth and maintain the organizations growth and the role of management is the main frame in the organizations role ...


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