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    How should I study to top in 11th final exams and further exams?

    I'm in class 11th and i want to prepare for iit jee 2012 from now only but i am not able to concentrate in my studies and result was that i scored most poor marks in my half-yearly exams.i was failed in chemistry.please tell me how should i study to top in my final exams and further exams..

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    Re: How should I study to top in 11th final exams and further exams?

    See do not loose heart. In your school examinations mostly the subjects are checked very critically and so your marks come very poor. But this is only to help you in your final board examinations. The moment you loose marks for small things now, you will never repeat that in your final examinations. Now just make sure that you do not make the same mistakes that you did here, also in your annual examinations.
    Now, say,as you said in chemistry you got very poor marks. This means that you are having some understanding problem, regarding the subject. Also there is a possibility that you are not understanding how to answer the question and which parts are relevant for the question. So for that take some tution in that subject. Also if you have the same problem in other subjects, then take tution in that too. Make a strict routine for your studies at home. Divide the time that you get for studying at home for your different subjects and utilize them properly for those subjects. Constantly give tests on the subjects that you are studying. That way the fear of examination will be gone. Also lastly I would say that since you are preparing for JEE or joint entrance, take a special coaching in that genre too. In JEE only mugging up will never help. You need to learn a lot of aspects of your subjects. Your coaching center will help you in that regard.

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    Re: How should I study to top in 11th final exams and further exams?

    You should try following things to do well:

    >> Follow the right books
    >> Don't study from too many books but whatever books you are following study it thoroughly
    >> Be consistent at your studies and try to improve yourself every day
    >> Take some able guidance
    >> If required, join a good coaching institute
    >> Join a test series in the end
    >> Concentrate equally on Physics, Chemistry and Maths

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