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    How should I prepare for entrance exams after 12th (PCM)?

    hello sir...

    How should I prepare for entrance exams after 12th (PCM)?

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    Re: How should I prepare for entrance exams after 12th (PCM)?

    well you are from non medical side so i guess you are asking for engineering entrance exams........................the best way to prepare is by starting the preparation as soon as you reach class 11th............you should clear your concepts from school books and learn to apply them by solving problems from some high level books...............the sooner you start the better it is........
    you should give a fixed amount of time to application based problem solving..............now since there is weightage for 12th marks also in JEE(MAINS) so you should also try to score well in your boards...........

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    Re: How should I prepare for entrance exams after 12th (PCM)?

    hello friend for all the engineering entrance exams the syllabus will be covered from 10+2 pcm syllabus only
    Your preparation should start from 11th itself because you will have a lot of time and at the ending moment there will be no tensions
    simultaneously with 10+2 syllabus you also prepare for entrance exam
    for preparing entrance exam first you must choose one concept for which you must first be perfect in the concept and while solving problems you will understand adn solve easily
    if you are at ending moment then be perfect in old topics because new topics will bring trouble and you can't score good even in old topics
    all the best

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    Re: How should I prepare for entrance exams after 12th (PCM)?

    dear student,
    First of all you have to decide to which field you want to enter, there are many fields such as:-
    2->b.sc and all other science related degrees.
    now that you have decided then suppose you are up for engineering ,so i would like to give you a pattern for
    ->revise thoroughly the syllabi of class 12th each of physics ,chemistry and maths.
    ->have a session in which you are solving the problems on that topic that you have studied.
    ->refer some good books such as H.C.VERMA, ARIHANT for refrences.
    ->you can also opt for coaching ,which will guide you to the path of success.
    so all the best for your future.

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    Re: How should I prepare for entrance exams after 12th (PCM)?

    helloo friends..

    there are a lot of oppertutnities for you friend.

    since you are having PCM then definetly you would like to join engineering field since there are lot of students in this forum preparing for IIT , AIEEE and many engineering entrance exam so it will be a little bit difficult to get best colleges in India and to do so all you need is to be regular in your prepration with proper guidence with good recommended facilities of books and guider.You can do it by yourself too .first of all you start your prepration from now and be honest to the prepration ,don`t mugup the questions types better to go for clear concepts read yourself and try to solve it with self pratice or attempts.Mtivation is the best thing you should have throughout your prepration period because it give the extra energy and always keep you remembering of your goal and about affort to acheive that goal

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    Thumbs up Re: How should I prepare for entrance exams after 12th (PCM)?

    Recommended Booksfor entrance exams after 12th (PCM)

    Following are the recommended books for preparing for AIEEE/IITJEE exam.

    S.No. Author/Publisher Name of the Book Remarks
    1 NCERT Chemistry XI & XII Basic Text Books
    2 P. Bahadur Physical Chemistry Recommended for Physical Chemistry
    3 Arihant Prakashan Organic Chemistry Recommended for Organic Chemistry, but one has to be careful as it contains several errors.
    4 O.P. Agarwal IIT Chemistry Recommended for Inorganic Chemistry and reference book in general.
    5 Ebbing General Chemistry Reference Book
    6 J.D. Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry Reference Book
    7 R.T. Morrison, R.N. Boyd Organic Chemistry Reference Book
    8 R.C. Mukhrjee Numerical Chemistry Reference Book
    9 Francis Carey Organic Chemistry Reference Book
    10 I. L. Finar Organic Chemistry-Vol I Reference Book. The book is somewhat outdated but is still extremely useful.
    11 Bahal & Bahal Organic Chemistry Reference Book
    12 Sienko & Plane Chemistry Principles & Applications Reference Book
    13 P.W. Atkins Physical Chemistry Reference Book
    14 Bruce H. Mahan University Chemistry Reference Book

    S.No. Author/Publisher Name of the Book Remarks
    1 H.C. Verma Concepts of Physics Vol I and II Recommended both as text books and problem books.
    2 I.E. Irodov Problems in General Physics Recommended for selected problems
    3 Halliday, Resnick & Walker Fundamentals of Physics Reference Book
    4 Sears and Zemansky University Physics Reference Book
    5 Nelkon and Parker Advanced Level Physics Reference Book
    6 A.A Pinsky Problems in Physics Reference Book
    7 S.S Krotov Aptitude Test Problems in Physics Reference Book
    8 L.A. Sena A collection of questions and Problems in Physics Reference Book
    9 V.Zubov & V.Shalnov Problem in Physics Reference Book
    10 S.L Loney Elements of Dynamics Part I & II Reference Book
    11 S.L. Loney Dynamics of a Particle & of Rigid Bodies Reference Book
    12 R.P. Feynman The Feynman Lectures on Physics vols 1 & 2 Reference Book
    13 Chen, Min Physics Problems w/solutions Reference Book
    14 Tipler Physics Vols I & II Reference Book

    S.No. Author/Publisher Name of the Book Remarks
    1 R. S. Agarwal Maths XI & XII Basic Text Books
    2 S.L. Loni Plane Trigonometry Part I Recommended
    3 S.L. Loni Co-ordinate Geometry Recommended
    4 Hall & Knight Higher Algebra Recommended
    5 I.A. Maron Problems in Calculus of One Variable Recommended
    6 Vectors & 3-D Geometry Arihant Prakashan Recommended
    7 Vectors Shanti Narayan Reference Book
    8 V Govorov, P.Dybov, N.Miroshin, S.Smirnova. Problems in Mathematics Reference Book
    9 Bernard & Child Higher Algebra Reference Book
    10 Dr. Gorakh Prasad Co-ordinate Geometry Reference Book
    11 K.P. Basu Algebra Made Easy Reference Book
    12 DoroFeev, Patapov Elementary Math's Reference Book
    13 Krechmar Math's Reference Book
    14 G.N. Berman A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis Reference Book
    15 W. Feller Intro. to Probability & its Applications Reference Book
    16 Calculus J. Edward Reference Book

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    Re: How should I prepare for entrance exams after 12th (PCM)?

    Hello friend

    If you are a students of 12th and if you are preparing for the Entrance exams then you will have to make some time table to chieve your goals.

    In the first you will have to join any coching centres to provide you all the material needed to crack the exams.

    If you wants to get success in entrance exams then you will have to follow the followings good output--->>

    make time table

    study regularly

    eat healthy foods

    sleep sufficiently

    avoid misuse of time

    solve pratice paper

    Join test series

    Follow the insruction geven by the institute.

    see previous years question papers

    Hope you will surely get success in any entrance exams as well as in you regular life also..

    Good luck

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    Re: How should I prepare for entrance exams after 12th (PCM)?

    It is not that you prepare for boards sometime and for entrance exams some other time it is simultaneous process where you should study both the things together ....you study the concepts for Boards and you apply that in Entrance exams thats the difference....While you are studying try to know the application part of it.....Try out each and every new problems it helps you a lot in Entrance exams...Use shortcuts as much as possible this saves your time....
    All the Best

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