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    How should I plan to become a doctor in future?

    How should i prepared from class 9th to become a doctor onwards?

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    Re: How should I plan to become a doctor in future?

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    How should i prepared from class 9th to become a doctor onwards?
    Medicine[COLOR="rgb(160, 82, 45)"] is a different profession altogether as it is more of a responsibility.
    It comes with its own set of prerequisites and it needs dedication of different level. It is truer in the Indian context where doctors are highly revered.

    Pursuing medicine in India is highly competitive and requires high level of dedication and talent.

    The total combined strength of college-seats is very low compared to the number of aspirants.[/COLOR]


    [COLOR="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]10 + 2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, some states and colleges also requires mathematics[/COLOR]

    Basic requirements

    [COLOR="rgb(75, 0, 130)"]Good memory and recollection ability
    Regular in studies
    Willing to study for a good part of your life[/COLOR]


    To pursue medicine you have to take admission in a medical college after 12th.

    There are two types of medical college:
    [COLOR="rgb(65, 105, 225)"]>>some only take students after conducting entrance test,
    >>while others offer capitation seats. [/COLOR]

    If you are thinking of pursuing medicine than you must be ready to appear in a number of entrance examinations.
    Different states have different processes for taking candidates. Some states conduct medical entrance test while other admit you based on your merit.

    [COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]Among several entrance tests the prominent ones are
    the CBSE PMT (Pre-Medical Test),
    DPMT, and

    Apart from these there are colleges like

    All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) situated at New Delhi and Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU at Varanasi that conduct their own entrance examinations.

    A number of private colleges hold their own entrance tests.

    After are selected by the college, they enroll in the Bachelorís degree in medicine.
    You obtains a specialized bachelorís degree called Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery or simply MBBS.

    It is usually a four and half year program.

    [COLOR="rgb(75, 0, 130)"]After graduating, you have to undergo internship of six months to one year, post which they are qualified to become licensed by the State Medical Council of the relevant state and to practice medicine.[/COLOR]

    Some students also opt for post-graduation studies that lead to an MD degree.
    MBBS allows one to practice medicine, while MD leads to more specialized field like neurology or orthopedics.
    Post-graduation degree, MD or MS is usually of 3 years duration.


    One can set up his own private general practice (GP)

    Take up houseman posts in hospitals

    Become medical officers in the government healthcare system

    thankyou !!

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    Re: How should I plan to become a doctor in future?

    for medical u should have biology in +2 and phy,che is also good for clearing medical exam and english is also good so that u can understand and after getting mbbs u can go for higher master degree .so u prepare though pcb and get admission in medical after clearing all india exam like,cbsepmt,aiims,cmc,afmc and others exam.

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    Re: How should I plan to become a doctor in future?

    You have mentioned that you want to be a doctor.For making a career in this field, you should have at least basic knowledge
    of medicine and it is better if you have opted for Science biology as your stream after completing your 10th standard.
    Firstly you should select the above mentioned stream, after that you should simultaneously prepare for both- your school
    exams and PMT(Pre medical tests).Pre medical tests(Medical entrance examination) are conducted to select students who
    are eligible to get admission in various medical colleges of the country.They are given admission in various medical
    colleges of the country on the basis of marks scored by them in such exams.After getting admission, you would
    be required to pursue MBBS.

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    Re: How should I plan to become a doctor in future?

    i will complete my 12 standard in 2012.should I prepare for EAMCET or NEET?

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