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    How to shape my future having 16 standing backlogs in B.Tech course?

    I've got 84 % in 10th standard and 77 % in Intermediate.

    But coming to B.Tech - Nalanda Institute of Technology

    Joined in September 2008

    Course duration until - April 2012

    But still as of now, i.e., 18th March, 2013, I still have 16 Backlogs to be cleared.

    I can complete off my degree may be, by 2013 April / 2013 November.

    But what could I do in future with such a fit-for-nothing degree with me ?

    I've got strong skills in Programming, Networking & Communication.

    And yet if employers see about my degree, would I be offered any job in any company ?

    Please suggest me whatever possible friends / forum members,

    Awaiting your reply.

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    Re: How to shape my future having 16 standing backlogs in B.Tech course?

    [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]Hi aspirant,
    First of all i want ask you whether you personally want to change your life,
    Or simply you are sad that your fellow members or friends have been settled and you still have not cleared your Btech.
    Because 16 backlogs does not show any sense of responsibility or any type of determination in you.
    Students most of the time could not cope up with the vast technical studies,
    Semester rules are applied in which students can handle their flow of studies.
    If any one get any backlog or low % in any semester he or she can manage by giving his or her best in next semester.
    By which the whole CGPA will not be affected much.
    My suggestion can be of any value if and only if you want to do something.

    If you are worried for jobs, then do not tensed just focus on your improving your skills.
    Each and everyday new companies are establishing and are in search for employees.
    You can easily get a job but you have to start from lower ranks.
    Thats the problem.
    If possible from your part,
    You can prepare for Mtech in Computer Science or Networking.
    And apply for GATE and try for better institutions so that your Mtech carrier marks will supress your Btech's failure.
    Or else you can prefer for any computer courses like,

    You can also join Indian Defence Service by giving CDS, TES, TGC, UES, SSC entrance examination.
    You can try for Civil Service exams, Banks Probationary Posts, Police Department jobs also.


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