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    How to score good marks in SSC exams (10th standard)?

    I am studing in std 10 i want to get 94% in s.s.c. Exam of 2014.

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    Re: How to score good marks in SSC exams (10th standard)?

    Just read daily and keep ur studies upto date, not only reading u have to understand what your studying and dont loose ur interest in studies in tenth standard as it is a stepping stone of ur future and dont involve in other unwanted activities finally work hard you will get the score what you wish depending on ur studies and ur interest to study all the best start to read at the begining never keep it till the end if you want to score a very good marks

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    Re: How to score good marks in SSC exams (10th standard)?

    well to get good marks in 10th follow the below procedure
    1. Put a week timetable and follow according to it
    2 You have to study rwo and half hours (minimum) daily
    3. while studying follow the blueprint of the lessons
    4. Don't read as such without knowing the concept
    5.Make group studies so that you can share knowledge
    6.You should work sharper and not harder
    All The Best for getting nice marks in upcoming exams

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    Hello Friend...........

    Dude SSC is the one of board examinations which is available and you need to get good marks in order to make your future bright ,in 10th standard your marks are considered in the future for the jobs,so dude you need to work out good and you should reach your goal and for succeeding there are some of the tips which you need to follow for appearing to the 10th standard examinations...

    There are two main subjects in the Xth class and the students who are opting for the science in your XII should concentrate more on the science and the candidates who wish to opt for the Mathematics in the class XII should prefer the maths more in X....

    The science subject is basically comprised of the Biology,Physics and Chemistry.and it is no meant that you should not concentrate on other subject every subject has equal importance of their future.and the coming to the Languages,the English Language is also one of the important means of course which will be use full in the development of your interpersonal skills.

    Some of the use full tip which you need to follow for scoring good marks are...
    >>Create a complete list of derivations and formulas of the Maths and science subject of study.
    >>Make a note of some important notes and while reading the text books also high light the terms or sentences which you fell interested...
    >> Practice the pictures of the science subject as the preference of the pictures in the biology are most important and also they will highlight the paper if you draw the pictures well
    >>Make a habit of writing or practicing the definitions as the definitions should be written in the exact way and can not be written in own.
    >>Make a clear cut idea of about the topics and you should under stand each and every sentence of every subject and do not try to by heart the subject.
    >>Practice a good grammer skills in order to get good marks in english
    >>Read daily right from starting and complete the syllabus day -to -day and do not pending the reading
    >>Read daily for at least 3 hour...

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    Re: How to score good marks in SSC exams (10th standard)?

    Hi friend,

    To get the good marks in SSC follow the below steps

    you can go to the every day your school.

    And listen carefully classes what your teacher can teach.

    And work hard what subjects you can weak.

    And follow the time table.

    And practice every subject what teacher can tell the subject.

    And prepare well every subject.

    All the best.

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    Re: How to score good marks in SSC exams (10th standard)?

    How to get appreciative marks in science in ssc board

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    Re: How to score good marks in SSC exams (10th standard)?

    How to score good marks in SSC exams of 10th standard.?

    Basically 10th class marks is the base for any type of examination.So, candidate must have good marks in the 10th examination.

    Firstly you must try to complete your Syllabus before the examination on time.

    Focus on each and every topic properly, do not forgot any topic.

    Try to revise whole Syllabus and then try to solve previous year papers.

    So, do the above procedure and try to score maximum marks.

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