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    How to score good marks in ICWAI exam?

    dear sir

    please guide me how to get more marks in ICWAI exams.

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    Re: How to score good marks in ICWAI exam?

    There are some general methods through which you can score good marks in any examination.I would like to explain those steps:
    1)Make a time table for your studies-
    You should make a good time table for your studies as time management is one of the most important step towards success.
    You should divide your time equally among all the subjects that you require to study for qualifying the exam.

    2)you should be focussed for the time period-
    You should fully concentrate on your studies for a certain period of time.It means when your exams are nearby you should
    just study for the time being and do not use your time for other activities.

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    Re: How to score good marks in ICWAI exam?

    Hello friend !!

    As you may know,

    ICWAI stands for Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India.

    Eligibility Criteria for getting into ICWAI :

    You must be a Graduate in any discipline with Maths and Physics background.

    Age Limit : You must be min of 21 years.

    Here am providing you some standard Steps , which will help you in gaining a good score in the ICWAI entrance examination.

    1. Study from Study Notes of the Institute for all subjects supplemented by other books recommended by your faculty. Study Notes are must.

    2. Make brief notes of the matter you feel relevant but you are likely to forget. You may also make notes by the side of text book you are referring to, in respective pages. The notes should be very brief, say at an average of 10 words per page.

    3. Make a plan of the time available and the syllabus to be covered.
    Based on this, make a schedule with daily/weekly breakups giving details of the topics to be completed.
    Make achievable and practical schedules to avoid breaking the schedules.

    4. Monitor the schedule on a weekly basis and reinforce your efforts to make up the backlog, if any.

    5. Ensure two revisions before you appear for the examination.
    In other words, a minimum of three readings should have been completed by the time you appear for the examination.

    6. Study the question papers of previous examinations to be able to categories all the topics in each subject and understand broad trends of these categories.

    Remember the exam will be as simple as you treat it.

    7. Based on above and marks allotted give weightage to each category and accordingly prepare for the examination, spending more time and effort for important topics.
    However, do not overemphasis the trends. They may go wrong.

    8. In the case of theory subjects, focus on understanding the concepts thoroughly and its application.
    In subjects such as law, give due regard to case laws and sections.
    In subjects such as Economics, spend some effort on statistics and general reading of business newspapers and news magazines.

    9. In the case of numerical subjects, such as accountancy, costing and mathematics, focus on understanding the methods, formulae and format of presenting the solution.Solve as many problems as you can.
    Prepare for these subjects from the beginning of the year/ session and on a continuous basis.
    The rule of two revisions (plus the first) is particularly applicable to these subjects.

    Refer to a number of text books for these subjects so that you can encounter a wide variety of problems and approaches to solution.

    10. Practice use of your calculator effectively to maximise its efficiency in the examination Hall.

    Remember speed is a crucial requirement.

    11. Write simulated examinations with some of your friends setting the paper and valuing them, in an examination environment with set time schedules.

    12. Try joint studies with a couple of friends to be able to help one another, and instill competitive spirit.

    13. Prepare for the worst in the examination to minimise probability of failing in the examination.

    If you need more details about

    How to Present yourself in the Examination hall ?
    How to adopt Time Management ?
    How and What need to be answered first ?

    then please click on :


    The following are the Posts after successful completion of the course :

    Managing Director,
    Finance Director,
    Chief Executive,
    General Manager,
    Finance Manager, etc.

    I wish you Good Luck !!

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    Re: How to score good marks in ICWAI exam?


    for scoring the good marks in any exam it would be very necessary to learn these points and follows these tips------

    what ever you study in a day second day sure revise it completely

    select the hrs in a day and sit for study according to that. your study room will be saparetly from other entertainment areas otherwise it would be disturbed to you

    devide the hrs according to the subject which you need to study , if you are not able to learn so not a problem you just wright on a paper

    make you per day plan and strategy then go with that


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    Re: How to score good marks in ICWAI exam?

    how to plan timetable of icwai

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