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    How to prepare for PCS exam?

    hello sir/madam
    I wanna get infrmation abt exams so tht i cud pass pcs exams

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    Re: How to prepare for PCS exam?

    Hello friend,
    i want to give you a suggestion which i found out on internet only i.e. if you have enough money to invest on career counsellors ...go for a good trainer ...the best option is in Delhi .
    so join a good PCS training institute and then start preparing forit. Divide your week iu.e. 7 days into 5-1-1 days and then spend your first five days totally on studies i.e knowing more and more about the questions etc of PCS and then next one day on reviewing those works once again . And spend the last day i.e. 7th day on fun i.e. full on masti so as to prepare your mind once again for the 5 days studies.
    And talk to those people who cleared this exams before and share their experiences. In this way prepare well ...give your 100% and leave rest on god.
    Best Regards

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