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    How the post "Technical support" in IBM will help me in my future?

    Hi. . I got placed ibm as a post of technical support. . How best does that post gonna help me in the future.?

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    Re: How the post "Technical support" in IBM will help me in my future?

    Well, the word "TECHNICAL" itself means that you will be into the technological part of the software involved. you may be hired in the software developing team itself or you may be in the software maintenance part. In either case you must have a deep rooted knowledge on C programming, Java programming, Java Applets,Python, Oracle etc. In this way you will be able to work smoothly with the clients as they place their query, requirements to you with respect to the software you be developing. You would have firstly, a good working ability with this post in software development. You will be good with the system operations, its modification, addition, deletion etc. You can offer yourself to be the project leader after some years of experience.
    Secondly, if you are good with technological skills you will slowly develop high level maturity in debugging a software system, which will gain your expertise in software maintenance. Now after you develop, the maintenance portion becomes huge and tough to handle. Being in Technical Support you can be increasingly good in this genre.

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