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    How to plan and start IAS preparation?

    Sir,i want to know how to plan and how to start,as a begginer which materials should be followed so as to get the sucess as soon as possible?
    Please give me proper guidence i will be highly thankful to you.....

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    Re: How to plan and start IAS preparation?

    To become an IAS is a dream of most of graduates in India but good planning and start at right time select the candidates for selection.You should start from first year of your graduation,select any two subjects in which you want to appear for IAS then start preparation from books,news papers,magazines .All these will help you a lot, you can prefer NCeRT books also,English should be good so that your communication will be good.

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    Re: How to plan and start IAS preparation?

    Dear friend,

    IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service.

    Formally, it is known as Civil Services Exam of India.

    Conducted by UPSC, it is regarded as one of the toughest exam in India.


    If you have make up your mind to crack IAS Exam, then you can crack it by your own effort.

    IAS Exam is not the easy one, you will have to work hard for this Exam to crack it.

    If you really want to crack this exam, then follow these points:

    >> Devote 6-8 hours daily for preparation.

    >> Join some good coaching institute so that you may get help from Experts.

    >> Solve Valuable Question Papers given by Coaching Tutors.

    >> Just purchase some good Reference Books from the Store and solve it.

    >> Read English News, Manorma Year Book, Pratiyogita Darpan, etc. to increase your GS.

    You will have to pass three stages to crack this exam:

    >> Preliminary Exam (CSAT Exam)

    >> Mains Exam

    >> Personal Interview

    Exam Pattern of these exams is:

    <> Preliminary Exam:

    <> Mains Exam:

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