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    How to pass CPT exam?

    how to get pass in cpt exams iam going to write cpt exams in june2013 i havnt started to prepare for exams its already got late how to prepare to get pass in this atempt please guide me how to study

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    Re: How to pass CPT exam?

    dear CPT stands for common Proficiency Test. CPT is the first step towards becoming CA, i agree that CPT is much more difficult to pass but not that much hard to pass.
    you have to concentrate more to pass.
    you have to follow only one author for your test books,
    you must refer previous year question papers because most of the questions comes from previous year question papers,
    you must read all the subjects daily dividing time for each subject instead of finishing a particular subject and starting other subject,

    • the study material is enough to cover all the aspects in examination point of view. you must go through the whole study materials to attain confidence and to get knowledge on all the topics.
    • you must cover all the aspects of Practice Manual which contains all the variety of questions that institute can ask in the exams,
    • There is a different Practice Manual for every subject. you have concentrate on study material than you will be able to solve the problems in Practice Manual.
    • So don't start reading Practice Manual without studying your study material.
    • you have to practice the Revision Test Papers.
    • 20-30% of paper is covered from Revision Test Papers.
    • So you have to read the Revision Test Papers.
    • Revision Test Papers are send by institute near exam times.
    • It contains questions which are expected to come in the upcoming exams.
    • you can also download these Revision Test Papers from institute website.
    • It contains questions on all the relevant subjects.
    the exam time table.
    first session
    10.30AM TO 12.30
    afternoon session
    2.0 AM TO 4.00
    • general economics,
    • quantitative aptitude,
    There are 200 questions in this test. Each question carries one mark. you have to score minimum 100 marks to get pass.
    so dear all the best

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    Re: How to pass CPT exam?

    I am failed 2 times in cpt examination so i lose my hope to clear it but i think that i would try for next exam,but when i am reading books i felt disappointed what i am do?

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    Re: How to pass CPT exam?

    I am failed in cpt exam in June attempt so I am lose his of aim for ca but I think I tried my 2nd attempt so please givbe some advices and tips for cpt exam

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