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    How to pass CA-CPT? Give few helpful Tips?

    what is required for passing cpt exam? give some tips ??

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    Re: How to pass CA-CPT? Give few helpful Tips?

    Dear friend,

    As we all know that C.A. is one of the difficult courses among all other courses. So, you have to work hard in order to get success. There are three steps which you have to clear in order to complete C.A. course. These three steps are-

    1)- C.A. CPT
    2)- PCC
    3)- Final course.

    CPT stands for Common Proficiency Test. This is the step to become a C.A.
    This exam has questions totally based on Objective type or multiple choice questions.
    This exam held twice in a year. Total no. of questions in this exam are 200 and you need to score atleast 100 marks in order to make exam clear.
    There is also a negative marking of 0.25 mark for each incorrect answer.
    This exam is not as much tough but you need to prepare all subjects very well to get success.
    The subjects from which questions are asked in this exam are-


    Mostly questions are based on 11th and 12th course. So, you need to prepare well your 11th and 12th class syllabus first. I will suggest you to solve some subjective questions also because these questions need some extra concepts.

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    Re: How to pass CA-CPT? Give few helpful Tips?

    reisteration date for cpt to write exam in december 2012

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    Re: How to pass CA-CPT? Give few helpful Tips?

    See CPT or common proficiency test is for admission in CA or chartered accountancy course. Chartered Accountancy is a very tough course and seldom do you see people getting past this course and becoming an efficient CA consultant. So after you pass CPT you need to work even more harder to establish yourself. But before that you need to clear CPT.
    The first tips that I would like to give you in this regard is not to attempt CPT unless you pass B.Com honors. B.com honors course will help you in understanding the CA course and the CPT subjects even better.
    The second point here would be that the examination is of an objective type module and so you need to be careful about the options that you choose. Do not guess and choose options. If it is wrong, then your marks will be deducted.
    Buy books on Mercantile Laws, Economic, Quantitative Aptitude and Accounting, as these are the four subjects that constitute the CA examination. Buy the book that has both the questions and the solved answers for it.
    Make a routine to practice every one of those subjects on time and on a regular basis.
    Follow these and let me know how much improvement you had.

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    Re: How to pass CA-CPT? Give few helpful Tips?

    Hi. .
    I am good at a/cs eco n m.law bt i dnt know abt maths so plz give me some effective tips to prepare for maths for cpt june 2013. .

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    Re: How to pass CA-CPT? Give few helpful Tips?

    [COLOR="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]ICSI is a statutory under an ACT of Indian Parliament. The course is divided into three section :
    Foundation Programme
    Executive Programme
    Professional Programme
    Eligibility :
    10+2 in any stream Arts, commerce, science (excluding fine arts) are eligible for the first part that Foundation Programme. However, if you are a graduate you are exempted from Foundation programme and can directly apply in the second stage that the Executive Programme.

    Syllabus :
    >>Foundation Programme
    1. English and Business Communication
    2. Economics and Statistics
    3. Financial Accounting
    4. Elements of Business Laws and Management

    >>Executive Programme
    Module I
    1. General and Commercial Laws
    2. Company Accounts, Cost and Management Accounting
    3. Tax Laws
    Module II
    4. Company Law
    5. Economic and Labour Laws
    6. Securities Laws and Compliances

    >>Professional Programme
    Module I
    1. Company Secretarial Practice
    2. Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings
    Module II
    3. Financial, Treasury and Forex Management
    4. Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency
    Module III
    5. Strategic Management, Alliances and International Trade
    6. Advanced Tax Laws and Practice
    Module IV
    7. Due Diligence and Corporate Compliance Management
    8. Governance, Business Ethics and Sustainability

    Examination :
    The examination is conducted twice in a year. In June and in December.

    Duration :
    If you go from standard route that is from Foundation it takes a minimum of 4 years. However, time taken in completion totally depends on your capacity. The syllabus is huge if you keep on passing all the group exams without failing at any sitting than it will take 3 years.

    Fees :
    Admission Fee : 1200
    Postal Tuition Fee : 2400
    <<Total : 3600>>

    Registration Fee : 1500
    Foundation Examination Exemption Fee : 500
    Postal Tuition Fee for Executive Programme : 5000
    <<Total : 7000>>

    Postal Tuition Fee : 7500
    <<Total : 7500>>[/COLOR]

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    Re: How to pass CA-CPT? Give few helpful Tips?

    i hav been a good student throughout .. what shud be my plan for daily studies if i want to score distinction in cpt june 2013 attempt?

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    Re: How to pass CA-CPT? Give few helpful Tips?

    now we must have minimum pass mark for every subjects in the CPT. before people used to avoid mathematics and concentrate on other subjects. but now, what to do?

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