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    How to pass 12th Physics exam?

    Maine pure year kuch nai padha...even class v nai Kara... I knw its ma fault...bt ab boards near hai....mai 1st Jan se Padh re hu... bio ki koi tention nai hai...na he chemistry ki.... bt phy...bohot dar lag ra hai... mai ne phy m v bohot kuch padha hai bt kb Maine class 12 ka last year ka questin dkha to himmat haar gai mai....Mae eak question tak solv nai kr pai.... mai phy m fail nai hona chahti...mai depress ho re hu...plzzz help me...give me some advice.... :'(

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    Prakash Deb
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    Re: How to pass 12th Physics exam?

    It is very easy to pass 12th physics exam,just you are to follow:-

    1.Start your study through text books, as per syllabus you are atleast to read.

    2.After the completion of chapters you check from the exercises that you can write.

    3.Solve last 5 years question.

    4.Do more stress on repeated qestion,because these questions are more important.

    5.Do revision once a week, to pass physics exam.

    Thank you,

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    Re: How to pass 12th Physics exam?

    My dear friend,

    If You are the non-medical student then you have pay more attention on the physics because it is the main subject in your stream.

    There are five subjects in your stream that are:


    Therefore,my friend the first three subjects are the main one and these courses play an important role in your percentage of 12th.

    If you want to get a good percentage then my friend,pay full time to these subjects and if you feel difficult from any one of these subjects then go for some tutions.

    As physics is all about the derivations and problems and all about the numericals then give more time to it and revise 2-3 three times in week.

    Get full classes on it.Don't miss the physics class in school because teacher give the full information and give the good knowledge to you for the specific topic.

    Thank u!!

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    Re: How to pass 12th Physics exam?

    Hello friend

    I think there is a only one way to get success in Physics as well in all subjects of 12th std.

    And the method is hard labour.

    You will have to do hard labour whole year because the level of 12th std is not as low as you are thinking.

    It will require very enough time for the preprations.

    If you wants to get success in Physics in 12th exam then you will have to follow the following instruction to get percentagge in 12th std.

    some of them are as below-->>

    Make time table

    Study regularly

    Eat healthy foods

    Sleep sufficiently

    Avoid misuse of time

    Solve pratice paper

    see previous years question papers.

    Join test series.

    Hope you will surely get success in 10th as well as in you regular life also..


    Good luck

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    Re: How to pass 12th Physics exam?

    Dear friend ,

    You will have to work hard to secure good marks in physics but you do not have to worry much .

    You can still secure good marks by doing things given below :-

    --First you should go through your 12th physics NCERT book .

    --You should look for the some basic points and try to solve numericals .

    --You should make balance between your studies and other activities .

    --If possible get under guidance of physics teacher and try to solve NCERT book .

    --You can also go for mock test to check yourself .Also try to solve previous year question papers .

    Hope the answer satisfies you .All the best for your examination .

    Avinashparashar .

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    Re: How to pass 12th Physics exam?


    First you should go through your 12th Physics NCERT book.

    12th Physics Subjects like ::

    *** English

    *** Physic

    *** Chemistry

    *** Mathematics

    *** Optional.

    All the best............................

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    s m samy
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    Re: How to pass 12th Physics exam?


    Physics by H.C. Verma
    Problems in physics by I.E. Irodov
    Resnick and Halliday
    Resnick and HallidayCircuits devices and systems by R.J. Smith
    Problems in physics by I.E. Irodov
    • OPTICS
    Physics by H.C. Verma
    Physics by H.C. Verma
    Problems in Physics by I.E. Irodov
    Physics by H.C. Verma
    Resnick and Halliday

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    Re: How to pass 12th Physics exam?

    [COLOR="Teal"]Dear friend,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Here are some of the tips for passing your 12th PHYSICS exam with a good score:-

    1.Set up a time table and decide what all topics you want to study a particular day

    2.Firstly decide the areas of your weakness and strength and plan your time table accordingly such that you cover all the topics effectively.

    3.Follow good healthy habits so that you donot fall ill before the exam.

    4.Revise all the topics before the exam thoroughly what all you have studied.

    5.Write the exam confidently because you would have done a good preparation by then.

    By following these tips you can pass out the exam with flying colors.

    “Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.”

    Hope the information helped you.

    All the best.

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: How to pass 12th Physics exam?

    Hello Friend........

    Dude if you take the Physics as one of the interesting subject then you can easily clear up and also get good marks in your 12th physics,actually when if you do not have interest on any of the subject then you feel bored and even feel not interested to read it,then you can not read and good marks also...

    The main syllabus or the course structure for the 12th Physics are..
    *Current electricity
    *Magnetic Effect of the current
    *Electro magnetic Induction
    *Electromagnetic Waves
    *dual Nature of Matter
    *Atoms and Nuclei
    *Electronic Devices
    *Communication systems
    These are the course structure of the 12th physics and these all are of the interesting and daily used topics in your day to day life...

    Actually physics is the subject of study which you will see in your daily life...
    Among all these syllabus if you read the important topics such as the
    *Magnetic effects
    *Electronics devices
    *Magnetic effect
    These are the important topics and the light and magnetics effects are most important topics...

    For getting good marks in the physics follow some of the tips mentioned below such as ...
    *Collect the previous years papers and prepare those and get good in those
    *Be perfect of those questions which are mostly revised in many years papers
    *Do not by heart the topics and try to under stand each and every topic and get interest
    Follow these to get good interest and concentration of the Physics...

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