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    How many years will it take to complete CS course after B.Com?

    hello sir/madam

    How many years it will take to persue cs after b.com and its details

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    Re: How many years will it take to complete CS course after B.Com?

    Dear Friend,

    CS course is for company secratery.

    it requires 3 year after B-com.

    you can do this also after 12th.

    After completing this you can go for any company .

    And you will get the job for company secratery.

    Thank You....

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    Re: How many years will it take to complete CS course after B.Com?

    there are three stages in this CS course
    foundation course,
    intermediate course,
    final course.
    • Foundation course- 10 months
    • Executive course-10 months
    • Professional course-10 months
    • Management course- 15 months
    eligibility for the foundation course.
    you have to pass the 10+2 recognized by the central or state government,
    you have have any group like MPC,MEC,BIPC.....in your intermediate.
    you should have minimum age is 17 to write this exam.
    final level course is an 10months course you have to pass the intermediate level to go for the final course.
    syllabus for the foundation course is.
    • English and business communication,
    • economics and statics,
    • financial accounting,
    • elements of business laws and management
    ,to eligible for the CS intermediate course you have to pass the CS foundation course.arts science,commerce/non-commerce(excluding fine arts)are eligible for the registration for this program,if you are possessing any of the following qualifications you are exempted from passing the foundation course
    syllabus for the intermediate course is,
    1.general and commercial laws,
    • company accounts,cost and management accounting,
    • tax laws,
    • 4.company law,
    • 5.economic and labor laws,
    • 6.securities laws and compliance professional programme,
    there are 8 papers divided into two modules in CS intermediate course,
    • company secretarial practice,
    • drafting ,appearances and pleadings,
    • financial, treasury and Forex management,
    • corporate restructing and insolvency,
    • strategic management ,alliances and international trade,
    • advanced tax laws and practice,
    • due diligence and corporate compliance management,
    • governance ,business ethics and sustainability,
    • the syllabus for the CS final course is
    • advanced company law and practice,
    • secretarial management and systems audit,
    • secretarial practice relating to economic laws and drafting and conveyancing,
    • banking and insurance laws and practice ,
    • corporate restructuring laws and practice ,
    • financial treasury and fores management,
    • direct and indirect taxation laws and practice ,
    • human resource management and industrial relations,
    • world trade organization international trade ,joint ventures and foreign collaborations,
    the examinations are conducted twice in a year:-
    for the June exam 25th march is the last date to submit the applications, the cost of the application is 100/-the applications are available from 9th April,
    for December exam 20th December is the last date to submit the application form, availability of the application forms are from 10th October.

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    Re: How many years will it take to complete CS course after B.Com?

    Hello friends .............

    After b.com you can complete this course in 3.5 yrs.

    And in this course course contain 15 months traninig period

    Including this period you can complete 3.5 yrs

    Details ;

    For Executive course required -10 months

    And Professional course-10 months

    Additional Management course- 15 months

    For this Graduation students and +2 students are eligible

    This course contain 3 levels

    For more details www.icsi.com

    All the best

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