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    How to make right decisions regarding my career?

    i am interested in media line but my parents forced me to choose science group in my +1 and I did so.now my marks or low.i am so confused.i have interest in everything.that is my problem.i know this sounds stupid but please help me.i am not able to make decisions.please help me

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    Re: How to make right decisions regarding my career?


    Certainly public relations is an important role in an organisation. But whether you should select the same will depend on whether the field interests you. It is important that you know to handle difficult situations well. If required you must do some additional course in the same. Institutes like Xavier Institute in Mumbai, IIMC Delhi offer one year diploma course in the same.

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    Re: How to make right decisions regarding my career?

    dear our lives are full of decisions ,for most of us ,the bigger the decision ,the more difficult it is to make.after all there's not much riding on which movie we rent.if we make make wrong decision what do we lose?
    if you want to make right decision than establish the priorities
    when you are faced with life changing decision ,using the criteria method will help yo7u clarify your thinking .this is a step by step process that involves evaluating your options based on whether or not they meet your criteria.
    for example you are trying to decide between two jobs .start by making list of everything you're looking for in your nest position .you list might something like this
    • 1.job is close to home,
    • 2.salary ,$50,000,
    • 3.tuition reimbursement,
    • 4.relaxed atmosphere,
    • 5.room for advancement,
    • 6.causal dress code,
    • 7.have time to spend with family,

    when you are doing this exercise ,try to list the 10 to 20 things you feel are most important .
    this is your criteria.
    the nest step is to evaluate your options .compare the features of each position to your wish list to see which best meets your criteria.using a chart like the one below may make this easier.

    similarly you have to make right decision in your career.
    • choice reflect values,
    • emotions influence choices,
    • don't rush your selves,
    • not making a choice is still a choice,
    • refuse either /or dilemmas,
    • build trust,

    if you are unable to choose your career than you follow strategies.
    if you have interest plats,animals,human beings than you must go science.
    if you have interest in numbers ,finance and you like to crunch numbers than go for the commerce .
    if you are a creative person and you like drawing,
    • painting,
    • arts,
    • acting,
    • dancing,
    and all other creative stuff you should opt for the arts stream.
    at first choose your stream in INTERMEDIATE OR +2.there have three specializations in intermediate like,

    choose your your stream according above strategies and after 12th you have many streams regarding to your intermediate background.choose among them to become sucessfull in your life..
    all the best
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    Re: How to make right decisions regarding my career?

    Hi, in my opinion, u can do Electrical and electronics engineering. Because, you can apply for fields related to electricals, software line too. in side you can prepare for bank exams or Civil services exams for a job security (safer side). Make your interest in one thing that makes you to hope high. Decide on yourself about your carrier and be strong. All the very best...

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    Re: How to make right decisions regarding my career?

    hello my friend ......
    you have adopted science stream in +1.
    so you should do bsc and get gook percentage of marks.
    and then you should do Msc in any subject in which you are interested.
    after passing Msc with atleast 55% you will be eligible for applying NET exam.
    and then after passing this exam you will be able to get a job in any private college for lecturer post.
    best of luck .

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    Re: How to make right decisions regarding my career?

    Hi friend,

    Well friend, when you are in 10th standard, every thing interests you, and i know that 's a common problem.

    Now problem is how to resolve the problem?

    Well, First of all , be aware what's got your interest and be sure.... that specific thing interests you a lot, no worries whatever it be.
    It may even be, Animations.

    Now , Discuss the matter with your parents seriously.
    Say them that this specific thing interests me a lot and i want to pursue this career... I guess they will agree..

    If they DONT AGREE then in that case.... say them that if i perform bad in the career chosen by you dont blame me.... since it was your choice.

    And yeah,,, Talk on this matter with your mom,,,, i am sure your mom will persuade your dad,, for it

    And yeah To concentrate on 1 subject Meditate at both times i mean at morning and evening just for 15 mins
    and whenever you are frustrated then just keep your eyes close try to remember that person you like most, it will work

    Hope it helps!!

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    HI friend...
    for decision regarding career are realy very crucial
    so you have to pay attention towards it.
    for this you have to firstly decide in which stream you want to go
    whther you want to join any engineering line or medical line or civil services............
    instesd of this you also think about your interest bcoz interest makes our study
    easy & professional
    so dont be tensed about your career & be positive

    ...............best of luck.............


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